Detective Fred Chyre

    Character » Detective Fred Chyre appears in 77 issues.

    Fred Chyre is a beat cop who works in Keystone alongside his partner Jared Morillo.

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    Born and raised in Keystone City, Fred Chyre joined the Keystone City Police Department as a young man. There he was mentored by Joe Jackam. Though he was a good cop, Chyre was held back by his own anger issues. Still a beat cop after several decades on the force, he agreed to take on Jackam's granddaughter, Julie, as his new partner.


    Fred Chyre was created by Geoff Johns and Angel Unzueta. He technically made his first appearance in The Flash #170, but an alternate dimension version of the character appeared in The Flash #164.

    Major Story Arcs

    Blood Will Run

    Following the murder of his partner he becomes obsessed with tracking down her killer, despite departmental objections. Refusing to be dissuaded, he joins Jared Morillo in tracking Magenta, which leads them to Cicada's hideout. He charges in despite Morillo's objections, and the pair fight the cult members. He shoots Cicada several times, but fails to kill him due to the lives Cicada has absorbed. When Cicada is defeated by Flash, Chyre takes him into custody. Due to their successful resolution of the case, Chyre and Morillo are assigned as partners in the new Department of Metahuman Hostility.


    During the Rogues' assault on Central City and Thinker's simultaneous invasion of Keystone City, Chyre is kidnapped by Plunder, who also apparently kills Morillo. He fights and is nearly killed by Plunder, but is saved when Morillo regenerates. Together he and his partner travel into the heart of the city where they meet and reluctantly team up with Captain Cold to free Cyborg and the other cops, who have been imprisoned in the Mirror World. Later, he and Morillo attempt to track down Hunter Zolomon. Arriving at Zolomon's home, they are again confronted by Plunder and Murmur, who they are able to defeat.


    During the Flash's sudden disappearance, Chyre works to try to contain the super villain explosion taking place in Keystone City. Together with Morillo, he leads the investigation into a series of cop killings apparently perpetrated by Captain Cold. He is present at the standoff with the true culprit, Alexander Petrov, when Flash reveals he has returned. Both Petrov and Cold manage to escape the scene, and Chyre continues attempting to track down Cold.

    Alternate Versions


    In an alternate dimension, Fred Chyre is a corrupt and violent cop who apprehends the newly-arrived Flash.

    Powers and Abilities

    Fred Chyre has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a trained police officer, and has developed skills in armed and unarmed combat, and investigation.


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