Daniel Drumm

    Character » Daniel Drumm appears in 93 issues.

    Deceased twin brother of Jericho Drumm (Doctor Voodoo), former Lord Of The Loa & Brother Voodoo. Now active as a ghost.

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    Daniel Drum was the twin of Jericho Drumm and grew up in Haiti with their aunt. The area believed in a more mystical approach to life and, when he became older, Daniel was expected to become the village priest. Eventually, he did, but Jericho was not there to see it as he had moved to America to become for western education. However, Jericho did return home when he heard that his brother's health was declining. This was due to an evil sorcerer who had taken control of the village and cursed Daniel with his affliction. At the strike of midnight, this sorcerer killed Daniel with a voodoo doll but not before he made his brother promise to find an old witch doctor, Papa Jambo. Jambo was able to fuse Daniel's spirit with his twins and taught Jericho everything he knew, creating the new "Brother Voodoo".

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Avengers

    During the New Avengers series, Daniel's brother was killed while fighting the being known as Agamotto who wanted his eye back. Along with a group of other heroes, Brother Voodoo challenged Agamotto but had to sacrifice himself in order to win..

    Later on, Daniel wanted revenge on Doctor Strange for "letting" his brother die. He possessed other heroes and used them against Stephen but was defeated.


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