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When The Hand and Sickle Priest attempted to lure the most powerful warrior blood to the Savage Land, in order to fulfill a ritual that could teleport them to a planet beyond Pluto, a group of heroes banded together by chance, in true Avengers fashion, to fight them and avenge the dead.


The Savage Avengers where created by Gerry Dugan and Mike Deodato Jr. and first appeared in the Free Comic Book Day 2019 (Avengers/Savage Avengers) one-shot before appearing in their own title.

Major Story Arcs

The Savage Land

Kulan Gath and his student, Sickle Priest, teamed up with The Hand ninjas and sorcerers to complete a ritual with warrior blood. They had captured The Punisher and Doctor Voodoo, getting the attention of Wolverine and Elektra. The four would eventually team up with Conan (stranded in the Savage Land after his previous Avengers team up) and Venom (hearing the call of a wounded symbiote enslaved by Gath). The savage team was able to fight off the primordial being summoned by Gath, but not before Gath made his getaway with the Third Eye of Agamotto. With that new knowledge, Elektra sought the help of Dr. Strange.

Strange's War Party

The original team had split only to be replaced by a new war party gathered by Strange and Elektra. It included previous teammates Wolverine, Conan, and Voodoo, as well as a few new ones. Strange's plan involved them splitting up.

The first team was led by Magik and consisted of Conan, Juggernaut, and the Black Knight, and they went after Sadurang, the Asgardian dragon with the Second Eye of Agamottot. The second team consisted of Wolverine, Widow, Elektra, Punisher, and Hellstorm, who tracked the Priest of Sickles to a drug operation in Mexico.


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