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    A "savage" team of violent super-heroes, which was originally assembled by chance around Conan the Barbarian.

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    When The Hand and Sickle Priest attempted to lure the most powerful warrior blood to the Savage Land, in order to fulfill a ritual that could teleport them to a planet beyond Pluto, a group of heroes banded together by chance, in true Avengers fashion, to fight them and avenge the dead.


    The Savage Avengers where created by Gerry Dugan and Mike Deodato Jr. and first appeared in the Free Comic Book Day 2019 (Avengers/Savage Avengers) one-shot before appearing in their own title.

    Team Evolution

    Conan on Earth-616
    Conan on Earth-616

    In the 1970s, Marvel had licensed Conan the Barbarian for original comics, however, he would be transferred to Dark Horse for a short time before returning to Marvel in January 2018. This time Marvel introduced him into the regular Marvel canon. Most significant was the Savage Avengers title. It originally featured some of Marvel's fiercest warriors coming together to stop Hyborian sorcery, however, much of the title was simply Conan navigating the modern day Earth-616 with various team-ups.

    Unfortunately, it was announced in 2022 that Marvel would lose the license to Conan to Titan Publishing Group. He would officially leave the Savage Avengers and the Marvel Universe when a new roster of Savage Avengers were accidentally sent to Conan's original time period. He opted to stay behind when they left for the future, in Savage Avengers (2022) #5. Without Conan as the center, the team's future is uncertain, as the series only lasted another 5 issues.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Savage Land

    Kulan Gath and his student, Sickle Priest, teamed up with The Hand ninjas and sorcerers to complete a ritual with warrior blood. They had captured The Punisher and Doctor Voodoo, getting the attention of Wolverine and Elektra. The four would eventually team up with Conan (stranded in the Savage Land after his previous Avengers team up) and Venom (hearing the call of a wounded symbiote enslaved by Gath). This savage team was able to fight off The Marrow God, the primordial being summoned by Gath, but not before Gath made his getaway with the Third Eye of Agamotto. With that new knowledge, Elektra sought the help of Dr. Strange.

    Strange's War Party

    Half of the War Party
    Half of the War Party

    The original team had split only to be replaced by a new war party gathered by Strange and Elektra. It included previous teammates Wolverine, Conan, and Voodoo, as well as a few new ones. Strange's plan involved them splitting up to find the third and second Eyes of Agamotto

    The first team was led by Magik and consisted of Conan, Juggernaut, and the Black Knight. They went after Sadurang, the Asgardian dragon who was in possession of the Second Eye of Agamotto. The second team consisted of Wolverine, Black Widow, Elektra, Punisher, and Hellstorm, who tracked the Priest of Sickles to a drug operation in Mexico.

    The first team successfully retrieved Saurang's Eye of Agamotto, but the second team never found Kulan Gath. Instead, they killed the Priest of Sickles and ended his drug operation. Without leads to Kulan Gath, Strange puts the team on hold.

    The End of Civilization

    The end of the world
    The end of the world

    Unbeknownst to the first team assembled in the Savage Land, they had all been dosed with a magic poison. It would slowly work its way through their system until those warriors bent the knee for Gath. Strange uncovered this poison while searching for Gath. He was able to purge it from their system from afar with a spell that took years off the end of his life.

    Meanwhile, Conan continued to be haunted by thoughts and dreams of Gath, who seemed to single Conan out. He settled into New York taking residency in the former home of the Hellfire Club. Upon learning that Gath had been under their noses the whole time, Conan went to the Sanctum Sanctorum to inform Strange. There, he witnessed Strange mercy-killing Shuma-Gorath, nearly dead from all the energy siphoned by Gath. They were then confronted by a re-animated Priest of Sickles, who was announcing the arrival of his master, Kulan Gath.

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    Gath had siphoned enough energy from Shuma-Gorath to finally strike at his enemies. Strange called upon the Avengers, the X-Men, as well as the previous Savage Avengers that aided them in the past, now including Dr. Doom. Unfortunately, Gath easily defeated them and quickly took over the world, ending civilization as we know it. Conan was able to escape with Doom's help, eventually inheriting Doom's enchanted armor.

    In the future, Conan continued to fight against Gath, but he needed a new strategy. He reached out to Kang the Conqueror and was able to make a deal with him to reassemble the Savage Avengers from the timestream. They fought hard against a powerful Gath, but when Magik stabbed Gath with the same knife that Strange used to kill Shuma-Gorath, Strange's blood deal with Shuma-Gorath was complete. Shuma used Gath as a gateway of rebirth and left Strange's dimension.

    Victorious, the team returns to the present and celebrates with a feast at Doom's castle.

    The Hyborian Hunt

    New Savage Avengers
    New Savage Avengers

    Conan was hunting a cult that got their hands on a madbomb when he was confronted by a Deathlok (a variant of Miles Morales from the future), who was hunting Conan for breaking time travel laws. With Conan preoccupied with the Deathlok, a fatally wounded cultist was able to activate the madbomb. In addition to causing rage in the surrounding area, it attracted the attention of the most "savage" heroes in the general vicinity. Alerted, they came to give Conan aid. Unfortunately, Deathlok's time circuits were broken in the fight and caused them all to time travel to the Hyborian Age.

    To get home, they worked together to trap Deathlok so they could use his time circuits. Elektra came up with a plan for them to combine their powers at an old Hand temple. There, she would attempt to use Hand magic to revitalize and enslave the corpse that Deathlok was made from. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by Thulsa Doom, a powerful sorcerer who preoccupied these Avengers with hallucinations so that he could kidnap Conan.

    After Thulsa Doom's enchantment wears off, Black Knight combines the powers of his team to help them track Conan, now joined by Miles Morales, awakened by Elektra's Hand magic in the Deathlok body. They show up to take on Doom's snake cult, however, Conan was sacrificed to raise the god, Set. Using her healing light, Dagger revived Conan. Meanwhile, Weapon H's gamma frequency adjusted into multiple gamma mutations all at once, Flash Thompson's symbiote took on a fire-breathing dragon form, and Black Knight took possession of Doom's ceremonial sword. This gave them the edge to slay Doom and banish Set.

    With Conan staying behind in his own time, Miles used his time circuits to bring the Savage Avengers home, however, they ended up in the year 2099 instead.

    Escape from Nueva York

    Savage Avengers in 2099
    Savage Avengers in 2099

    Overshooting their target year, Miles ended up depositing himself and the Savage Avengers in the year 2099. They were targeted by Jake Gallows, The Punisher of 2099, and a legion of Deathloks being controlled by Ultron in this time period. Dane led them to the old Avengers Mansion, hoping to lay low and maybe find an old weapon or artifact that they could use to jump home. Instead, they were ambushed by the Deathloks and forced to arm themselves with old Avengers weapons and souvenirs. When the Deathloks also started targeting Gallows, he reluctantly joined their team.

    Once they got to safety, Miles was able to network everyone's minds into cyberspace so that they could break into Ultron's servers and steal datafiles to give them an edge. The data revealed that this variant of an Ultron-enslaved 2099 was due to a piece of Miles' tech that was broken off in his first fight with the Savage Avengers. It also revealed that a 2099 variant of Doctor Doom was a prisoner of Ultron. With their new information, they try to infiltrate Ultron's headquarters in real life from multiple fronts. Most teams are simply distractions for Dagger, who could get to Doom's location and recruit him.

    Doom would direct the Savage Avengers to Latveria, where his Time-Array Gauntlet was being stored. However, Ultron and his forces had set a trap for them. Ultron easily defeated all of these Avengers through their critical weaknesses. Once dead, they were transformed into Ultron's new Deathlok Avengers. Luckily, Miles was able to reach them through cyberspace and help them purge the nanotech that had remodeled them.

    After Elektra recruited a number of "savage avengers" from the year 2099, the team made one last attempt on Ultron. He had Doom's time-gauntlet and planned on remaking the multiverse in his cyborg vision. As they showed up, his time portal was open to the exact moment these Savage Avengers first left their home time. Using a 2099 tech upgrade, Black Knight was able to firewall Ultron's consciousness in his body, and Miles was able to shoot webs through the time portal and retrieve the tech he left behind that led to this version of Ultron. When he destroyed that tech, time fixed itself returning 2099 to its normal state and returning the Savage Avengers to their home time.

    Miles on the other hand was pulled from the multiverse by Uatu, cured of his Deathlok upgrade, and returned to his home universe.


    Savage Avengers 2099

    Savage Avengers 2099
    Savage Avengers 2099

    While stuck on a world in the year 2099, Elektra recruited more heroes from that world to help her team take on Ultron and return the 616 Savage Avengers to where they were supposed to be.

    These heroes included:


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