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African-American Supers (Marvel Edition)

From heroes to villains. If they're African-American then they are on th roster.

List items

  • The Best African-American Superhero. The Hero for Hire. Power Man. Luke Cage.

  • A man shut down in the sixties for being African-American, but still no less a hero.

  • The best Captain America, Isaiah Bradley. Truth: Red, White, & Black.

  • Luke Cage's first villain. Though he had no real powers, being an expert knife thrower still made him more than a worthy opponent. I'd even say he may have had a chance against heroes like daredevil, spider-man, and other mainstreamers.

  • Everett Thomas, the late member of Generation X.

  • The mysterious brother from Haiti.

  • Blade, the daywalker and vampire hunter.

  • Bishop, the future's hope.

  • Extremely intellegent villaines.

  • The mercenary from the islands, Hardcore.

  • Misty Knight, the throwback ex-cop. She's tough and a whole lot of woman.

  • The cold hearted Lonnie Lincoln A.K.A. Tombstone.

  • The Grandson of Isaiah Bradley

  • Originally Dwayne Taylor, but after his tragic death his brother Donyell took up the title.

  • The Avenger of Harlem

  • A Brotha with serious identity issues......and a nice heavily armed suit.

  • Cloak, a shadow manipulating hero.

  • Representing the first generation, the heavy hitter from the X-men crew and Queen of Wakanda.

  • The Brother to Carl Lucas A.K.A. Luke Cage.

  • A thud who used to work for the Maggia. After coming in contact with radioactive isotopes he has become Mister Fish.

  • A genius who went from bad to good.

  • Former X-Force memeber Jesse Aaronson, also known as Bedlam.

  • The crafty, technological genius who worked for Willis Stryker.

  • The ever so lovely Monica Rambeau, also known as Photon...and Pulsar...and Captain Marvel...and Sun Goddess.

  • The late Professor Foster A.K.A. Goliath.

  • The nephew of Bill Foster and now Black Goliath. The Youth will inherit the revolution.

  • The highly skilled martial artist Abe Brown. Sometimes known as the Black Tiger.

  • Hobbie Brown, Abe's little brother. What he lacks in martial arts this brotha makes up in smarts.

  • A militant brotha who had a criminally centered mind. His skills in martial arts were good enough to even best the Immortal Iron Fist.

  • This is one postman who may have rang twice, but you wouldn't remember it.

  • Chicago Born, and a real hard case.

  • A higly skilled, ass kicking, kung fu, hispanic, brotha holding it down in Spanish Harlem. R.I.P. Brotha Hector.

  • The new Power Man making a nice entrance.

  • Chi-town's very own ex-mutant, David Alleyne.

  • A former Houdun Supreme, and Jericho's brother. Now he's a super ghost brotha.

  • A highly intellegent chemist who went villain because he was wrongly accused of a crime.

  • Heading up the Skrull Kill Krew is Ryder, a bad brotha with a mad on against skrulls.

  • This brotha was so smart that he made a frictionless suit. He gave spider-man an interesting run.

  • The young Elvin Haliday became the hero known as Rage after an encounter with a gang of racists and radioactive material. He would go on to become one the main members of the New Warriors.

  • Triathlon or 3-D Man, calling him what you want he's had an interesting career. ....and even more interesting attire.

  • Aegis, the brotha with the magical chestplate.

  • He gets credit for being highly intellegent, but the brotha could have picked a better look.

  • Armando Munoz is like the next in evolution.....then again....and again....and again. This brotha's body reacts to tense situations by adapting....on an extreme level.

  • His heart is run like a human battery, and it makes him quite a shocking vigilante.

  • The highly intellegent gamma physicist named Eliot Franklin. Now goes by the alias Thunderball.

  • Bill Carver could have been Marvel's Flash. He was called Thunderbolt for his brief career.

  • Light-skin brotha from New York. Holding it down with the Panther's gifts.

  • Another skilled brotha in hand-to-hand combat.

  • The sistah with telekinetec powers.

  • Hmm, an exoskeleton-wearing brawler.

  • Lucas Bishop's sister and a serious member of the XSE.

    R.I.P. Shard

  • Southern brotha who originally operated in mobile Alabama. Now he's holding down national super villain status.

  • The brotha known as suicide. Life linked to the Ghost Rider.

  • Representing the 1930s struggle, Ezekiel Wright also known as The Revenant.