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    Topaz is a powerful mystic in the Marvel Universe who has unique empathic abilities. She has adopted to two female forms, one Caucasian and one Indian. She fights with a group of teens called the Witches.

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    Topaz's origins are unknown to her and others. In her youth she was found and raised by the sorcerer Taboo, who was at the time held in a Indian prison camp.


    Topaz was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist Mike Ploog, first appearing in Werewolf by Night #13 (1974).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Werewolf by Night

    Later in Topaz's life, Taboo compelled her to control the Werewolf (Jack Russell) for his use. Topaz's refusal to kill Jack ended up causing Taboo to disown her.

    Topaz and Jack ended up becoming lovers and Topaz, also helped Jack to control his lycanthropy using her powers (as a "familiar" to supress the wolf's mind and coax forward the man's), learning about his family, and even fought alongside him against Dracula.

    Later on, Topaz was abused by Dr .Glitternight who took a portion of her soul. Realizing what Glitternight had done to her, Topaz defeated him. Maria Russoff, Jacks grandmother used Topaz’ power to raise zombies from the grave which was part of a deranged plan. Topaz regained a clear mind, and Maria took her life once she realized what she was doing to her grandson. Later on, Topaz destroyed the demon Mephisto, but sadly, his minions took her and trapped her in a dimension with a spell that would take a portion of her soul and remove her powers should she ever leave that dimension.


    However, Mephisto was found to be alive and was seemingly destroyed by Franklin Richards, the firstborn child of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. Topaz was freed from the demon's realm. However, part of her soul was recovered by the alien sorcerer Urthona. Doctor Strange found Topaz and promised he would help her restore the missing half of her essence, but was distracted from his task first by one of the monstrous Khats, and then by the damage inflicted on his Cloak of Levitation. The conflict between Urthona and Strange came to a head, and in the battle that followed, Topaz's soul was restored.

    Topaz also helped Jack's sister in curing her of the family curse to become a werewolf. When Topaz reached the age of 21, her powers were at their peak. Topaz wanted to lay low for awhile, so she started to run a bar called The Voodoo Lounge.


    Later on,Topaz is depicted as Dr. Strange's apprentice. She is made aware of the presence of a great evil, and she that she must join forces with two other witches, who are soon revealed to be Jennifer Kale and Satana.During this time they battle a demon and get a tome of magical power. Dr. Strange said the book belongs in his hands, but Jennifer Kale and Topaz refuse him. Dr. Strange then dismisses Topaz, and apparently dismisses her.

    Even though she hasn't appeared in a comic during some time, she is mentioned by Jennifer Kale, in Marvel Zombies. Recently, due to Doctor Strange's abuse of dark arcane forces, he lost his title as Sorcerer Supreme. Topaz was shown as one of the many candidates to be his replacements, though the successor was Doctor Voodoo.

    Powers and Abilities

    Topaz is a powerful witch. She has empathic abilities, telepathy and telekinesis. She used her empathic abilities to calm the Werewolf by Night down when he was in a feral mood. She also used them with her magic powers to awaken zombies and control them. Topaz has been seen to heal others and magnifying other mystics power levels.


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