Sister Voodoo

    Character » Sister Voodoo appears in 17 issues.

    The long lost sister of Brother Voodoo.

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    Vanna Black, birth name unrevealed, was spirited away from the Drumm family during her infancy and raised in secret. She later married a musician in a Jimi Hendrix tribute band, and was subsequently widowed. She first appeared in public at a taping of 'The Fred Hembeck Show' where her brother, Jericho, was appearing with the other Marvel Super Heroes. She revealed that she has an infant son known as Voodoo Chile.

    While living with her brother, she suggested he form a team with Toad and Blob called the Rejex, but he declined.

    She was later seen with Fred Hembeck again, speaking out in support of the comic series What The--?!.

    She was then seen at her brother's apartment taking care of her son and dealing with a neighbor.

    An alternate reality version of Sister Voodoo encountered the Exiles while they sought to bring down her master Kulan-Gath.


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