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    Agamotto is one of three vastly powerful benevolent beings who are collectively known as the Vishanti.

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    Agamotto is a member of the Vishanti, a trinity of powerful entities who operate for order and good. Born from the Elder Goddess Oshtur; the legend goes that some time approximately 25 000 BC, the Elder Goddess was moved by a young boy, blind, but in spite of blindness knew and experienced joy. So moved was she, that she shed a tear, and that tear was from whence Agamotto emerged. Agamotto lived as a mortal, becoming Earth's first Sorcerer Supreme and battling the Celestials as apart of a pre-historic Avengers, before becoming one of the Vishanti and leaving Earth's dimension. Leaving behind many magical artifacts such as the Eye of Agamotto, Orb of Agamotto (both used by Dr. Strange) and the Spine of Agamotto (used by Robert and Tina Minoru). As part of the Vishanti, Agamotto is primarily known for sight, light and truth; and is involved in spells of pure mystical light, revealing or dispelling illusions, reading minds and compelling honesty.

    To Dr. Strange, Agamotto has often appeared as a caterpillar; reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. As part of the Vishanti, Agamotto has often appeared as a large cat such as a tiger or lion.


    Agamotto was first mentioned in the comic Strange Tales #115 released in 1963, but made his first proper appearance in Marvel Premiere #5, which alternatively was released in 1975. Agamotto is created by Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner.

    Major Story Arcs

    Early Life

    Although his mother Oshtur was present for his early childhood, at some point she left him, to find his own way in the Universe. A young man, Agamotto set out to do exactly that, however he also searched for his mother in his travels. It was during this time that Agamotto created the first of three Eye's of Agamotto, and he also discovered and practiced the first of three magical disciplines, egocentric magic, which is the inherent spiritual energy that resides in a person. Traveling the Emerald Road, Agamotto discovered and practiced ecocentric magic, which relies on using and conditioning an immediate area's magic resources. During this time Agamotto created the second Eye of Agamotto. Following this, Agamotto ventured to The Golden Way. On this journey he learned exocentric magic, which relies on calling magic from sources from sources of an extra dimensional source. He has been supposed to have created the third Eye of Agamotto during this time as well, however there are conflicting tales of the accuracy of this. With all three eyes however, he would seek to find his mother, Oshtur. Recording what he had learned so far, exocentric, egocentric, and ecocentric, magic among other skills and magical knowledge, Agamotto laid the foundations for what would later grow into the Book of the Vishanti.

    Vishanti Formation

    After a very long period of time, devoted to the mystic arts and protecting mankind, Agamotto joined Oshtur, and Hoggoth to form a very powerful trio known as the Vishanti to protect Earth against most dire threats. He would last so long in this position that his very sense of self would change and morph, turning him into a more carefree and childlike character while existing within his own dimension. He would on occasion assist Doctor Strange, notably restoring his missing eye and making sure his artefacts weren't damaged or broken when threatened, through mostly he was seen with the rest of the Vishanti as a collective group. Agamotto at some point in the future would be kicked out of the Vishanti for unknown reasons, which made him extremely jaded.

    Earth Invasion

    A harsh and bitter Agamotto viewing the current Sorcerer Supreme as not upholding his duty to mankind and the former a failure, Agamotto decided to punish both by sending an invasion of demons to run amok on Earth while he seeked to destroy the magicians and to reclaim his objects. Brother Voodoo, with the help of Dr Strange and the New Avengers manage to curb the invasion force and with Brother Voodoo himself sacrificing his life, also halting Agamotto's plans and apparently dissipating his form. It is unknown if Agamotto is truly dead, or simply biding his time.

    Personal Data


    • Height : Variable
    • Weight: Variable
    • Eye Color: Variable
    • Hair Color: Variable


    • Place of Birth: Oshtur's Eye
    • Citizenship: Agamotto's Realm
    • Education: Tutored by Oshtur, extensively self-educated in the Mystic Arts
    • Occupation: Sorcerer, mystic entity, former sorcerer supreme
    • Known Relatives: Oshtur (mother), Chlthon (Uncle), Set (Uncle), Gaea (aunt), Demiurge ("grandfather"), extended family

    Powers and Abilities

    Agamotto is an extremely powerful magic user: one that has transcended the physical plane to become an extremely powerful mystic entity all of himself, a being capable of creating entire dimensions under his watch. Agamotto is a master of egocentric magic, ecocentric magic and exocentric magic. The extent of his powers effectively allows him to transcend physical abilities. He can travel at faster than light speeds, teleport himself or large groups or objects large distances. Agamotto can manipulate matter on an atomic level. Agamotto has his own realm where his powers are at their greatest, being capable of fighting off Galactus by himself. Agamotto is so skilled in magic that Doctor Strange and magicians at his calibre are incapable of fighting back against him and have their own spells turned against them due to his experience.

    Agamotto was formally a member of the extremely powerful mystic trinity, the Vishanti. Agamotto leaving the Vishanti massively weakened his powers, to the point where he could be destroyed by the likes of Doctor Voodoo sacrificing himself and could be held back by the Avengers.


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