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    Psi-Fire was originally assigned to Youngblood's International Team to keep him out of the Public Eye. He later went rogue and attacked his teammates.

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    Psi-Fire is created by Rob Liefeld. Psi-Fire was one of the original members of Youngblood since 1987 in Megaton Comics before he reappears in Image Comics in 1992. According to a promo, Psi-Fire was a petty criminal before he joined Youngblood.


    Image Comics

    Psi-Fire in action
    Psi-Fire in action

    David Waller is a high level psionic and was recruited into the Youngblood program and was assigned to their International Strike Force to keep him out of the US Mainstrem Media's ever watchful eye. On one mission he is dispatched to take down a foreign leader and after dispatching the mans guards, he admitted to being able to kill him from the United States, he just preferred to do it in person. Psi-Fire then used his telekinesis to crush the man's head just as his teammates arrived.

    As punishment for disobeying orders, Psi-Fire was forced to wear an inhibitor when the group was sent to recover John Prophet, a recently discovered super-soldier. Prophet was accidentally awakened and a fight between the group and Prophet ensued. Prophet was out performing the entire team single handed until the arrival of Darkthorn and his Disciples in which another fight erupted. Youngblood, the Berzerkers, and Prophet all fought this common foe with only Prophet managing to hold his own until the Youngblood Home Team arrived to assist. Darkthorn was finally driven off by Psi-Fire, his inhibitor having been removed.

    Unfortunately for David the fight drained him and he became comatose. It wasn't until some time later that his mind was transferred into the body of a female medical staff member. Psi-Fire attacked his teammates and was only subdued when he tried to turn of Masada's powers only to be overwhelmed by the source. David, still trapped in the female med-tech's body has not recovered from his injuries but was used to cause a large scale hate incident.

    Arcade Comics

    Youngbood: Imperial

    Psi-Fire is seen along with super-villains Warwolf, Blackrock, Genocide, Shadow Supreme, and unknown individual being under Psi-Fire's mind-control for a new expandable team that gets sent on suicide missions. The villains have been under Psi-Fire's control for years against their will.

    Image Comics

    Youngblood 2018

    Psi-Fire resurfaced for Image Comics' 25th anniversary in the all-new Youngblood. Psi-Fire somehow manages to take possession of an elderly woman at the Palm Springs Retirement Home in Anaheim, California and has left a bloody trail of destruction in his wake. Arriving in at a secret facility in Lebanon, Kansas, the elderly woman frees Psi-Fire from cold storage. Now free, Psi-Fire seeks vengeance against his former comrades.




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