The Paladins

    Team » The Paladins appears in 16 issues.

    The Paladins are a team of old school heroes from the Wildstorm universe.

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    The beginning

    The Paladins were one of the first teams of superhumans that appeared in the 1940s (in the Wildstorm Universe) when super powers began to manifest. The team like many others of that time was created by the Americans to fight against the Nazis threat. Soon WWII was close to ending.

    During that time a Daemonite ship had made a crash landing in the Southwest area of America. The General Zebulon McCandless was the man commissioned byt the Army to take control of the ship and his advanced technologies. McCandless had discovered the advanced technologies hidden in the ship mainly its devices for teleportation as well as their research into virtual realty programs. He also became intrigued in the ships machines that would allow for a being to enter a type of suspended animation and still be revived some time later. After making the Paladins watch the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima he began to imprison heroes and villains to prepare them to defend the world from the ultimate destruction. He used the devices to make the Paladins not even realize their imprisonment and have them fight against several foes even from the bible in the VR world know as the "City".

    Number of the Beast

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    Some time later though the super hero the High was placed in the city or more precisely all that remained of him as he had attacked the Stormwatch base and his body was destroyed when he hit their force field the Stormdoor. However once he entered he began to heal and he was not fooled by the virtual reality. Along with the Paladins and others they escaped to the real world. Once the Paladins escaped the American government activated clones of the High called Reapers who were sent after them. Soon the Paladins began to fight with the Authority. Although things calmed down and the Paladins boarded the Carrier when the Reapers couldn't find them they malfunctioned and began to attack any superhuman they could and caused massive destruction. The Paladins began to fight the Reapers along with many other heroes all around the world, but the Reapers had done so much damage to the planet that the Paladins knew they had to stay and protect and fix it. But not before they found McCandles and made him pay for what he had done.


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