Wildstorm Revelations #4

    Wildstorm Revelations » Wildstorm Revelations #4 - Generation Gap released by DC Comics on April 2008.

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    “GENERATION GAP!” Jodi prepares to meet with her father, Marc Slayton, the original Backlash and the current director of International Operations.

    Jodi, Nemesis and Savant are all making preparations for what will undoubtedly be an action-packed night. Jodi is putting on a dress and makeup, Savant is making dinner, and Nemesis is cleaning her blades. Jodi comes into the kitchen complaining about how naked she feels and Savant tells her that if their plan is going to work, they need to get "him" to trust her. Savant gives a basic summary of the plan (she and Nemesis will be waiting for Jodi when she gets back and then it's solo flights for everyone) and Jodi goes through a teleporter to meet her dad.

    Marc Slayton, with hidden snipers and other Department PSI agents all around him, is waiting when Jodi appears and gives his daughter a "hiya kitten". She greets him and when he asks her what's going on, she jumps on him, instantly teleporting him back to her team's base.

    When Slayton wakes up he has a vial neural inhibitor injected into his chest and he's wrapped in Coda-spun Bladewire. He tells the girls that a chip in his body will let his agents track him down quickly so Nemesis cuts off his leg (where the tracer is) and gives it to Savant to take around the world to keep the Psi-Lancers from finding Marc. She first teleports to Nepal and gets them to track her signal there. While she does that, Nemesis is breaking into Department PSI. Back their base, Jodi is talking with her father over Savant's dinner. He is not amused and wants to know where his leg is. At this point it's with Savant in New Orleans, strapped safely to her back as she flashes some people on the street for beads. As the Psi-Lancers chase her there, Marc questions Jodi about her plan and her friends. He says that she shouldn't trust Nemesis. She's a dangerous person with a dark past and she'll leave Jodi and Savant just like she's left everyone else. Jodi tells her father how Nemesis had convinced her to help, by telling her what her future self had told her to say (See Wildcats Armageddon). At that moment Nemesis has infiltrated deep into Department PSI headquarters and has found all the files on Number of the Beast.

    With Nemesis' job done she signals Savant who teleports Slayton's leg into a Department PSI computer and meets up with Nemesis. Back at the house, Slayton turns to mist (which he could have done at any time) and tells Jodi to make her own future before disappearing. Savant and Nemesis return just as he leaves and they head out onto the roof of their building only walk right into and angry Grifter and Zealot.

    Note: After the end of the issue is a preview for Number of the Beast.


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