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    The High is a Superman-like hero in the Wildstorm Universe who wanted to change the world into a non-governed utopia

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    Early Life

    The High was an extra dimensional hero who many people thought didn't even exist. He came to Earth via a shiftship in 1910 and then raised by a Mr. and Mrs. Cumberland. He was mostly active during the 1930's. He was an ally and friend to Century Babies such as Jenny Sparks, Axel Brass and Elijah Snow. He also was a member of the Big Three along with Mr. Majestic and Maximum Man. He also shared addventures with the Paladins, a group of super-heroes from the 40s. However three years after the start of his super hero career he would become frustrated and left super heroics for self exile. He spent decades devising a plan while sitting on a stone throne on top of the Rocky Mountains. After almost sixty years he returned having formed a group of heroes called the Changers whom he trusted and relied on more than anyone else.

    Change Or Die


    They planned to use their powers to create a world with out any wants and needs and only self government. However he was opposed by the insane Henry Bendix and his Stormwatch teams along with his friend Jenny Sparks. He even attacked the United Nations, destroying their flags as a symbol of the dissolving different governments and borders and defeating Stormwatch. Sparks tried to convince him people would only change in the ways they wanted to. However Bendix ordered a Hammerstrike Deep Sanction Missile full of acidic bombs aimed at the Changers base. Each member was killed save for High. In a rage he headed towards the Skywtach base, but a saddened Jenny activated the base force shield Storm Door seemingly and the High was smashed against it in a million pieces, seemingly killing him.

    Number of The Beast

    The Paladins
    The Paladins

    The High didn't die. Agents of Stormwatch recovered the pieces of his corpse and discovered than thanks to the genetic memory of his cell, his body slowly was regenerating. The military tried to take advantage of this fact and used cells of his body to create countless clones of the hero, called Reapers.

    Meanwhile, the High remains were placed in the Number of the Beast program, where the military had prisoners several SPB in a virtual reality program with religious connotations. The mind of the High was restored before his body and it was not fooled for the virtual reality illusion. However he found heroes and foes who believed him to be the antichrist, lost on the fiction. However other of the prisoners was the Eidolon, an atheist ghost and a recent friend of the High. He was not fooled by the simulation, but was unable to convince any of the others. The presence of the High changed everything and both characters, uncoordinatingly, freed themselves and the other heroes and villians. The High, with his body now fully restored, had in his mindon making his captors pay.

    This massive escape however activated the response measure and the clones made of by the government were released and caused massive amounts of destruction and chaos such as destroying cities and tilting the Earth's axis. Many heroes such as the Wildcats and Authority including his old friend Mr. Majestic fought his clones and even the recently revived team the Paladins. Ultimately the High destroyed the clones, but the damage was done and Eidolon knew this was going to happen and now the High has destroyed the old world and now it is time for change. The reaction of the High was to throw Eidolon several miles away.

    World's End

    The High was seen later helping the survivors of the end of the world around the world. He joined the new Authority when the Carrier leaved earth. But as part of an scheme to save one of the century babies, a kid called River Baldwin, the High had to quit to his powers using an purple haze. The strategy worked and the High could escape with the kid. They were trapped in the Carrier when the ship was summoned by an alien force to a cluster where several other shift-sips were traped. However, the High had to leave before the Carrier reached its destiny. In the road to that clusterm the Carrierfound a being called Mondregon, who used a possesed Aegean as bait to devour the Carrier. The powers of the High returned intime to about this action , but he choosed to stay behind to be sure than Mondregon don't went after the ship. The High was left behind to fight Mondregon meanwhile the Carrier escaped. But when the Carrier was forced to return to the space where Mondregon lurked, the High was rescued and reunited with his adopted son, returning both to earth.


    The High is a Superman-like character and possessed powers and weaknesses very similar. He has super human strength, is invincible, can fly, has superhuman speed, enhanced sight and has plasma vision. He is possibly immortal due to the fact he hasn't aged in 70 years and was able to regenerate after being turned to liquid albeit only after some years. He can also survive in space and doesn't need food or drink.

    He also was vulnerable to an radioactive element called highnium, but he became immune to the substance in the 70s. Still, exposed to certain substances, the High can lose his powers, even if temporally.


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