Midnight Rider

    Character » Midnight Rider appears in 10 issues.

    Female Vigilante and costume predecessor of the Midnighter

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    Midnight Rider was one of the many heroes in the 1940's. However she was different because despite the times she was a lesbian and in a relationship with Seafarer. She along with many other heroes and villains was placed in the Number of the Beast program where she was put in suspended animation inside the Virtual World the "City". While there she joined some of the other heroes and became a member of the Paladins. After around 60 years due to the arrival of the High she and the others escaped. She along with her team got into a battle with the Authority where she met the Midnighter and hero built by Henry Bendix who seemed to base him off of her due to reading comics about her in his youth. Eventually they stopped fighting and joined them on the ship but found that the government had sent clones of the High called Reapers after her and her team and she along with many other heroes fought them and after the damage done to the planet decided to remain a hero.


    The Midnight Rider has no powers but is skilled in hand to hand combat.


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