Zebulon McCandles

    Character » Zebulon McCandles appears in 2 issues.

    American general in charge of the Number of the Beast Project.

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    Zebulon Mccandles was an officer of the US Army in the Wildstorm universe with strong christian beliefs. But he had to see his belief opposed to the rise of superhumans in the form of the 40's heroes The Paladins and the discovering of aliens on earth when the army had access to a daemonite spaceship. Using the ship technology McCandles developed the Number of the Beast hangar, a secret spot where the Paladins were stored in suspended animation and lived their lives in a literal biblical landscape end of the world.

    Ironically, McCandles was the indirect responsible of the apocalypse he feared so much when he authorized the creation of the High mindless clones, the Reapers, and the integration of the High remains to the main Number of the Beast facilities. The Paladins escape from the artificial slumber world to discover they had been lost more than forty years. This activated the Reapers, confused about the situation. The Reapers launched a massive attack against the earth, causing an effective end of the world.

    McCandles, haunted by his responsibility in this global tragedy, ran away to hide in a secret lair, seeking forgiveness. However he was eventually found by Mago and Tumbleweed. They put end to his anguish.


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