Missile Man

    Character » Missile Man appears in 8 issues.

    Brave yet naive hero from the world war two.

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    Missile Man accidently realized he had superpowers when he was trying to hop a train and felt. He became a superhero like a lot of people with superhuman powers. The next day after Pearl Harbor was bombed he went to the army and quickly became one of the many heroes fighting for the war effort. He along with other heroes worked together to stop the Nazis and even got a medal for his actions on "V-E"day.

    Missile Man was above the first persons to explore the Daemonite ship crashed the US government during 1945, along with Miles Craven and Gen. Zebulon McCandles than was used to create the Number of the Beast, a subterranean bunker used daemonite tech to imprison superheroes and supervillains in a virtual reality.

    Initially Missile Man helped to capture criminal SPBs, but when Miles Craven ordered him to start capturing heroes accusing them of antiamerican activities, like being communists, Missile Man complied, starting with the capture of The Wild One, but still harboring serious doubts about the honesty of his bosses.

    The breaking point was when he was ordered to capture Ingenue, a heroine for whom Missile Man had romantic feelings. He tried to save Ingenue, but he couldn't prevent her suicide. Enraged Missile Man faced Miles Craven and threatened him with expoxing him and to freed all the prisioners. However he was subdued by the telepathic Gabriel Newman and put in the Number of the Beast too.

    Eventually, when the High freed all the SPBs prisioners in the Number of the Beast, an event than caused the End of the World, Missile Man was among those released prisioners. Now free on a dead world, the only drive for Missile Man is to find Miles Craven and anyone related to the Number of the Beast to make them pay for that. It was in this circunstances than he meets a member of the Paladins who tells him they are going after the people who made the program. Missile Man accepted the offer.

    He was seen later in the war against the Knights of Khera.


    Missile Man can fly and is very durable. By his appearance and powers, he ressembles very alike to Bullet Man.


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