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    Aeronaut is a jerk with a jetpack.

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    An analogy of Tony Stark, the Aeronaut is a self and arrogant person. CEO of Fawke's Aeronautics group, he was commissioned to create a Wingless Jet-Propelled Fighter Suit for the US government, however, he claimed, that the suit was unable to be created due to a number of factors, such as portable breathing equipment and thermal layering to protect the pilot from high altitudes as well as the impracticalities of the wrist mounted rocket launchers - however, he was able to make the suit for himself, and just not provide the information to the Government. Frederick is also a womaniser and drunk.

    Number of the Beast

    The Aeronaut is a member of the Golden Age Super-team The Paladins, the world’s first Post-humans. Transported with the rest of his team-mates via daemonite teleportation technology away from the Hiroshima Bomb site, he was placed, along with the other Paladins into a state of suspended animation, and mentally connected to a simulation called "The Number of the Beast." - An experiment to simulate the bibical end of days with super-heroes, to gauge their reactions to such an event.

    During his time in the Number of the Beast, The Aeronaut, along with the other Paladins, engaged Venusians in their attempt to invade the planet, and also annoying the other members of the group. Building on his reputation of a womaniser, Aeronaut engaged in a sexual encounter with Honeybee, who in her pleasure, was unable to control her stinger, ultimately causing the Aeronaut to leave, and become uncontrollably drunk while most of the inhabitants of the city were removed. He was also seen coming onto The Thrush and Falconette.

    After most of the inhabitants of the city had disappeared without a trace, and the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Aeronaut attempted to save his On-Off lover Honeybee from Famine, who had drained most of the life from her. He was left flying away at speed from her aged visage.

    Shortly after this, Aeronaut was released from his 63 year suspension by Dr. Sin, who beat him to death with a monkey wrench, and then proceeded to place him in the command chair to give the illusion that someone was controlling the events inside of the Number of the Beast simulation, and fool the military command who had come to prevent the situation from becoming uncontrollable.



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