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Flash saves a trailer park from being wiped out by a tornado, but breaks his leg in the process. Ten Years to Live—One Second to Die!

Super-Speed Agent Of The Flash

Alerted to the threat of a tornado, on the outskirts of Central City, the Flash generates a counter-whilrwind, to dissipate the tornado. Though the Flash's gambit proves successful, he suffers a career crippling injury. Though his broken leg will, eventually, heal, the doctor tells the Flash he will never run again. Picture News reporter, Iris West, offers to drive the Flash to police headquarters. En route, a deep depression overcomes the Flash, who asks West to just take him home. In the weeks that follow, the Flash, as police forensics scientist, Barry Allen, recuperates in solitude, as a massive crime wave sweeps over Central City.

Finally, West forces Allen to listen to the latest police bulletins. Hearing that the Muscle Men Mob is back in Central City, Allen decides to bring them in. Allen has West sew his Flash costume airtight, while he builds a series of miniature transmitters to be laced throughout the suit. Inflating the suit with a portion of the speed force, Allen is able to create a radio-controlled automaton, out of his costume. Vibrating faster than the eye can see, Allen scours the city in search of the Muscle Man Mob. Discovering them looting a jewelry store, Allen directs the Flash automaton into confronting them.

The battle is going well until a stray gunshot punctures the airtight costume, releasing Allen's speed force. Allen orders the costume to return to him. It is just able to reach him, before it collapses. The Muscle Man Mob surround the "Flash". Allen, still vibrating invisibly, is able to effect repairs on the costume, and reanimate it, before the gang can reach them. With the Muscle Man Mob put out of action, Allen's confidence as a crime fighter is restored. The doctor informs the Flash that, thanks to his super-speed vibrations, his leg is healing properly, and that he will, in fact, be able to run again.

"Ten Years To Live-- One Second To Die!"

The Flash donates his crutches, wheelchair, and cast to the Flash Museum. The curator of the Flash Museum, Dexter Myles, asks the Flash for help with a new employee, Joel Travis. Seems Travis has fallen in with a bad bunch, called the "Far-Outers". When Travis bragged about his close personal friendship with the Flash, the Far-Outers asked for Travis to get the Flash to appear at one of their meetings. Wanting to save face, Travis stole one of the Flash's costumes from the museum, and went to attend the meeting, as the Flash.

Knowing how dangerous it is to impersonate him, the Flash races to the Far-Outers' meeting place. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash discovers that the Far-Outers, believing that Travis is the Flash, have taken him prisoner. Still moving invisibly, the Flash spirits Travis to safety, then takes his place. The Far-Outers carry the Flash's "unconscious" body to the estate of "Blue Chip" Chipman, a white collar criminal the Flash put away for 10 years. After the Flash has "recovered", Chipman directs his attention to an old hotel, visible through the Flash's cell window.

The entire top of the hill the hotel rests upon explodes. Chipman has planted 10 explosive devices throughout Central City, all of which will detonate if the Flash steps one foot outside of his cell. Moving faster than he ever has before, the Flash tracks down Chipman's explosive devices, by following the electronic signal of his detonator. The Flash locates and deactivates all of Chipman's bombs, then beats the man himself, into unconsciousness, all within the span of a single second. After lecturing Travis on the foolishness of his actions, the Flash recommends to Myles that Travis keep his job at the Flash Museum.

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