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Hal visits and has dinner with Barry and Iris; Hal hits it off with Olivia, from a rival toy company; Flash and Green Lantern battle aliens called the Mogrians.

Traveling toy salesman, Hal Jordan, visits his friends, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, and his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, in Central City. West has set up Jordan on something of a blind date, for dinner. The trio are joined by Jordan's rival toy seller, Olivia Reynolds. Though Jordan is harboring some hard feelings towards Reynolds, for beating him on a sales contract, Jordan makes the best of it. Surprisingly, Jordan finds Reynolds very engaging, a big change from their previous encounter. To find out why, Jordan uses his power ring, invisibly, to probe Reynolds thoughts.

Immediately, Jordan's probe feeds back on him. Jordan and Allen excuse themselves from the dinner table, to discuss the Reynolds situation. Outside, on the street, the pair see an alien space craft landing in the city. Allen and Jordan investigate, as the Flash and the Green Lantern. A robot invasion force releases horrific bug-eyed monsters on the heroic duo. With every blow the heroes land, the creatures divide into two. Changing tactics, the two heroes opt to cease their attack, revealing the creatures to be mere illusion.

While the Flash deals with the robot army, the Green Lantern inspects their weaponry, and discovers that their guns are mere toys. The robot army links arms, generating a powerful energy pulse that renders the two heroes unconscious. Onboard the alien craft, the historian, Glabr, makes a record of his mission in the ship's log. Long ago, Glabr's race found themselves losing the very essence of their life energy. A brilliant scientist, Jygr, determined that certain beings, on other worlds, could generate enough life essence, from their subconscious minds, to sustain their race.

Reynolds has been discovered to possess this "U-MInd". As it is imperative that the possessor never know of the power their own minds possess, it was actually Glabr who repelled Jordan's mind probe, earlier that evening. Glabr then staged the alien invasion to keep the two heroes occupied, while they finished their tests on Reynolds' U-Mind. Glabr is interrupted by one of the robot soldiers, known as Mogrians. The Mogrian informs Glabr's home world, Lengly, that they are rebelling. Glabr is pushed to the side, as the Mogrians set about building machines to mass produce themselves.

Green Lantern, as Jordan, wakes up next to the Flash's empty costume. Suddenly, the Flash, as Allen rounds the corner, wearing Green Lantern's costume. Glabr approaches the two heroes and explains the entire situation to them. After putting their proper uniforms on, the Flash and the Green Lantern are just about to confront the Mogrians, when they realize they no longer have their powers. Glabr realizes that it is Reynold's U-Mind which has robbed them of their powers, and only she can restore them. Glabr attempts to telepathically access Reynolds' U-Mind, only to find that she is a prisoner of the Mogrians.

The Flash and the Green lantern add their will power to Glabr's, and make contact with Reynolds' subconscious. Glabr gently persuades Reynolds' U-Mind to restore the two heroes. The Flash and the Green Lantern storm the alien ship, and engage the Mogrians in combat. With their production factory destroyed, and the Mogrian army in defeat, Glabr is able to take command of his vessel, and depart the Earth. Green Lantern erases Reynolds memories of her part in the adventure, so that the Lenglyns can continue to draw their life essence from her U-Mind. Back at the Allens, Jordan and Reynolds join the happily married couple for a game of bridge.

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