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Barry Allen takes acting lessons and uses his speed to play several roles almost simultaneously.

"Four Star Super-Hero"

Detective Charlie Conwell solves a case. Police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, gives Conwell a silent signal of support. Conwell receives word that the Ice King has just hit Jewelry Row. Conwell departs to arrest the Ice King. Allen follows, as the Flash. Central City has been blanketed by snowfall. The Flash encounters the Ice King skiing through the streets. After a bit of back-and-forth in the pursuit, the Ice King turns the tables on the Flash. The Flash shatters the Ice King's skis, at which point, the Ice King suffers a heart attack.

Paramedics arrive to take the Ice King away. In reality, the paramedics are the Ice King's gang, responding to his turning his own pacemaker off. Arriving on the scene, Conwell immediately dopes out what happened. By reflex, the Flash gives Conwell the silent signal of support. Realizing he's just jeopardized his secret identity, the Flash tries to cover the gesture by sneezing. At home, the Flash, as Allen is having a conversation with his wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West. Currently writing theater reviews for Picture News, West suggests Allen take some theater courses.

Allen lands the part of Horatio in the next production of "Hamlet". Though he is able to memorize every line of the play at super-human speed, it falls to his drama teacher, Flash Museum curator, Dexter Myles, to pull a performance out of him. When the entire cast comes down with the flu, Allen, as the Flash, offers to perform the entire play himself. Switching from character to character faster than the eye can follow, the Flash performs "Hamlet" to a sold out audience. Afterwards, the Flash is exhausted and nearly collapses backstage.

Posing as the theater's security force, the Ice King, and his gang, take advantage of the Flash's weakened condition. As if his exhaustion weren't bad enough, the Flash realizes that he, too, has the flu. Attempting to speed up the cure, the Flash downs water and aspirin at an accelerated pace, making his condition worse. The Ice King, and his men, mercilessly beat the Flash, who offers no resistance to their attack.

Finally, the Flash recovers enough to take the Ice King, and his gang, down. At home, the Flash, as Allen, allows his wife to tend to his sickness. Conwell pays a visit to Allen. Moving faster than the eye can follow, Allen is able to stand by his own bedside, as the Flash, while still lying in bed, as Allen. Seeing the Flash and Allen together erases any thoughts Conwell may have, that the Flash is really Allen.

"To The Nth Degree"

Absentminded professor, Ira West, invents a telescope that can view star systems thousands of light years away, in real time. West sends the telescope to the Astronomical Society, while sending a regular telescope to his son-in-law, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen. By mistake, Allen receives the super-telescope. Allen's wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, trains the telescope on a planet orbiting the star, Betelgeuse. The planet is suffering catastrophic upheaval.

Allen, as the Flash, synchronizes his inner vibrations to that of the ultra-light hitting the telescope's lens, and rides it back to the planet. The gaseous inhabitants beg the Flash for assistance. His blood literally boiling from the planet's surface temperature, the Flash realizes that he will only be able to spend one single minute on this strange, hostile world. Racing down into the very planet itself, the Flash is able to cool the planet's core, restoring the world to normal.

The Flash races for the ultra-light beam, but West accidentally moves the telescope a few degrees, causing the light beam to shift position. It's now miles away. Pouring on the speed, the Flash chases the light beam across the planet's surface. Throwing a handful of sand in his path, the Flash skips across the grains of sand, and dives into the beam. Professor West arrives to retrieve his telescope, managing to break it, as he lifts it from the tripod.

Luckily, West wrote all of his equations on the wall at home, so recreating the lens will be no problem. Upon returning home, however, West finds that the painter he forgot he hired, to paint his house, has already covered his equations. West desperately attempts to remember how he created the telescopic lens, to no avail.

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