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Captain Cold breaks some men out of jail and restores their youth; Flash gets trapped in a painting; Heat Wave guest-stars.

Five aged criminals escape from Central City Penitentiary. A patrol from the prison encounters a group of young men, dressed as land surveyors. Unbeknownst to the prison guards, these men are the escaped convicts. Each man has been regressed in age, by the notorious Captain Cold. The Frosty Felon takes the crooks back to his secret lair. The walls of Captain Cold's abode are decorated with pictures of one-time screen queen, Laura Lamont. Captain Cold intends to restore Lamont's youth, then marry her. In the meantime, the now youthful criminals are to loot Central City, to supply Captain Cold with wedding presents for his soon-to be bride.

The only catch is that Lamont is a recluse, whose whereabouts are known only to Picture News reporter, Iris West. Captain Cold approaches West in the guise of J.J.Pendergast, a lawyer. "Representing" an unnamed client, "Pendergast" informs West that a small fortune has been willed to Lamont. West still refuses to divulge Lamont's location. West heads out to inform Lamont of Pendergast's offer. Pendergast, surreptitiously, pursues West. Suspicious of Pendergast, West's husband, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, pursues them both, as the Flash. Having waited too long to head after them, the Flash loses their trail. Suddenly, the Flash is floored by a sonic blast.

Entering the building the blast emanated from, the Flash encounters two of Captain Cold's men, stealing a painting. Still somewhat unsteady on his feet, the Flash is hit at point blank range by the sonic weapon. The sonics speed up the Flash's vibratory rate, causing him to fade away, into another dimension. Concentrating, the Flash manages to slow his vibratory rate down, becoming solid enough to beat the crooks into unconsciousness. Turning the crooks over to the police, the Flash learns that they have the same fingerprints as two of the elderly escaped convicts. The Flash investigates the scene of the escape, and discovers tell-tale evidence of Captain Cold's involvement.

At first the Flash is able to follow the unique radiation signature of Captain Cold's cold gun, but the trail quickly goes cold. Suspecting that one of the prior night's robberies may have been committed by Captain Cold, the Flash ferrets out a fresher trail. The Flash follows the trail back to Captain Cold's secret lair. With his super-frigid aura slowing the Flash down, Captain Cold has time to attach a special device to his gun, lowering it's emissions to well below absolute zero. Captain Cold blasts the Flash, dismembering his body, as it freezes solid . Captain Cold frames the Flash's body parts, and hangs them on his wall. Captain Cold presents himself to Lamont, and restores her youth.

Showering her with his wedding gifts, Captain Cold declares his intention to marry Lamont. Captain Cold leaves Lamont to prepare herself for the wedding, while he phones the Justice of the Peace. Absentmindedly, Captain Cold calls Heatwave, instead. Deciding to share his triumph, Captain Cold invites Heatwave over to view the Flash's frozen, dismembered body. Enraged that he never got one last shot at the Flash, Heatwave violently shoves Captain Cold aside, and fires his weapon on the Flash's broken body. The intense heat of Heatwave's gun, thaws and restores the Flash to normal.

Heatwave and Captain Cold begin struggling against one another, giving the Flash time to fully recover. Back on his feet, the Flash pummels his foes, mercilessly, into unconsciousness. Preferring her anonymity, Lamont uses her theater skills to disguise herself as an old woman, taking a job as a cashier at the local cinema. The Flash, as Allen, reveals to West that he was able to telepathically influence Captain Cold into contacting Heatwave. Allen knew that Heatwave's weapon was the one thing that could possibly reverse the effects of Captain Cold's gun.

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