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Looking into the eyes of a strange woman gives Flash visions; he assumes another identity, battles demonic creatures, and gets married. "The Man Who Televised Time"!

The Bride Cast Two Shadows

A mysterious woman exits her hotel, intent on finding the Flash. At that moment, the Flash is in the midst of apprehending the Owl Gang. As the Flash knocks out the last gang member, the woman is clipped by a stray bullet. As the police take the Owl Gang away, Picture News reporter, Iris West, suggests the Flash bring the injured woman back to her place. Her identification reveals her to be a Ms. Joan Boardman Upon recovering, Boardman continues to call the Flash "Daniel". The Flash finds her stare to be unnerving. Though unsettled by her presence, the Flash does not confide his reservations to West.

After testifying against the Owl Gang, the Flash, briefly returns home. He finds Boardman preparing breakfast for him, in West's kitchen. West is nowhere to be found. Again, Boardman fixes the Flash with her stare. Suddenly, the Flash finds himself relieving the life of Daniel Porter, a 19th century man, soon to be married. Though the Flash seems himself in his reverie, catching sight of himself in the mirror, he sees the face of Porter. Astonishingly, Porter is a dead ringer for the Flash's true identity, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen.

Shaking himself out of the dream-like images, the Flash flees from the Boardman. Some strange force prevents him from fully vibrating through the wall, and escape. Returning inside, the Flash catches Boardman, as she collapses from the effort of holding him in the room. West returns with news regarding Porter. Nearly one hundred years ago, Portman had been the mayor of Central City. Portman was engaged to be married to the beautiful, Elfriede Talaman. The night before her wedding, Talman mysteriously disappeared, during a freak storm, never to be seen again.

Noticing that Boardman casts two shadows, the Flash becomes convinced that the spirit of Talman is in possession of Boardman's body. Attempting to give Talman's spirit closure, the Flash agrees to marry her. At the end of the ceremony, Talman and the Flash are drawn into a nightmarish realm of darkness and death. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash separates from Talman, releasing her to her eternal rest. The Flash, though, finds himself trapped in this horrific realm of shades. After being berated by an enormous toad, the Flash is attacked by terrifying demonic creatures.

The nightmarish abominations melt under the Flash's blows, multiplying in number from every super-speed strike. Exercising the better part of valor, the Flash cuts and runs. Towering monstrosities rain fire upon him, while trying to crush him beneath their heels. The Flash focuses on a fixed point of abject darkness and races for it. En route, he is set upon by harpies. Diving into the cold darkness, the Flash finds himself standing in his living room with West. Boardman wakes up, as if from a trance. Hurriedly, the Flash disposes of his costume, before Boardman can fully see him. The Allens return Boardman to her hotel. Allen recognizes the hotel as the former residence of Talman.

The Man Who Televised Time!

This story was originally published in Strange Adventures #13 ( October, 1951). A plot summary for this story can be found on that issue page.

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