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Flash is ambushed by a group of crooks from his past but is saved by a mystery dog. "Fugitive From Blind Justice" (Part Two); Flash saves Lightning from being put to sleep after Lighting is accused of killing his master. "I Open My Mouth...But I Can't Scream"!

"Fugitive From Blind Justice"

The Flash signs autographs, outside of the Jerry Lewis telethon for muscular dystrophy. Racing home through Central City Park, the Flash poses for a photograph. Blinded by the intensity of the flash, the Flash is an easy target for a gang of thugs. The Flash flails about blindly, until he crashes, hard, into a statue of blind justice. The crooks are about to murder the Flash, when a dog enters the fray, and chases the crooks away. Just as suddenly as it appeared, the dog runs away.

The next morning, the Flash, as police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, reads a headline about how the same dog butchered it's owner, millionaire Philip Bentley. Allen, as the Flash, heads over to the animal detention center, to plead the dog's case. There, the Flash hears a firsthand account, from Bentley's brother, Lee, about how the dog, Lightning, killed his brother. The Flash speaks to the good nature of Lightning's character, citing how Lighting saved his life, on the night of the slaying.

Unfortunately, because the Flash was blinded at the time, he can produce no corroborating witnesses to the occurrence. The Flash is given 24 hours to prove the dog's good character. The Flash, however, fails to locate either the photographer who blinded him, or the criminals who tried to kill him. In desperation, the Flash frees Lightning from the detention center, and races off with the dog. An hour later, the Flash can see no alternative but to turn Lightning back in for execution.

Responding to the distress cries of a blind man, the Flash and Lightning save the man from drowning. The Flash leaves Lightning with the blind man, then races to the Bentley Estate, to investigate the scene of the crime. There, the Flash hears the same crook's laughter from the night before. The Flash finds Lee Bentley and notorious mobster Victor Torrance, holding guns on one another. Having conspired to slay his brother with Torrance, Bentley is now refusing to pay Torrance's blackmail demands.

As the Flash enters the Greenhouse, Bentley fires into a glass display case, releasing the choking poison of the plant housed inside it. Torrance calls for his hired guns. Though fighting incapacitation, the Flash fights valiantly against his attackers. Once again, Lightning comes to the Flash's rescue. During the melee, a dogtooth fringed glove falls out of Torrance's pocket, which is all the evidence the Flash needs to clear Lightning. Lightning is awarded Bentley's entire estate. After providing for the dog's care for life, the Flash, as Allen, donates the rest of the money to muscular dystrophy research. Allen takes over ownership of Lightning.

I Open My Mouth... But I Can't Scream!

Traumatized during his teenage years, police forensic scientist, Barry Allen, is terrified of riding roller coasters. Despite the many harrowing feats he's been called upon to do, as the Flash, Allen still breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of riding a roller coaster. Allen's wife, Picture News reporter, Iris West, gets Allen on a roller coaster, as part of a charity function for the Police Athletic League. Allen immediately goes into a panic attack, made worse when he sees that part of the track has sprung. With his wife's life at a stake, Allen overcomes his fear, with a bloodcurdling scream, and repairs the track, as the Flash. Moving faster than the eye can see, the Flash is able to effect the repairs and return to the roller coaster car without anyone realizing that Allen ever left.

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