Character » Takanuva appears in 8 issues.

    Takanuva was once a matoran but he became the legendary Toa of Light. But he has the ability to weild shadow now as well.

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    During a patrol in Metru Nui, Takanuva was attacked by a shadow leech which drained him partly of his light powers, giving him shadow powers and dark grey armor.  He was then brought to the Order of Mata Nui who informed him he must go to Karda Nui to help the Toa Nuva and warn them of a coming energy storm.  He used Brutaka's mask of dimensional gates to travel, but because the mask was damaged he ended up in an alternate universe where the Toa ruled over the Matoran with an iron fist.  During his time here, he became infected with a makuta virus which gave him the power of flight and eventually cause him to grow to titan size.  he would escape this universe and end up in one where Mata Nui is dead and the inhabitants live on the surface.  Here, he gained a new triple-bladed light spear and a Midax Skyblaster.  He managed to make it to Karda Nui and used his new found powers and weapons to defeat the Makuta.  During the escape from Karda Nui, he was exposed to a rahi screech which was able to restore his light powers to full power, as well as restore all the Shadow Matoran to normal.   
    When Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, Takanuva altered the color of his armor so he wouldn't stick out as much. He aided Tahu in collecting the Golden Armor pieces.

    Powers/weapons: Takanuva possesses a seemingly limitless source of light power.  He can light up the darkest area, project beams of light from his spear, and create a light barrier. Other light powers include the ability to create holograms and bend the light around him to become invisible. Takanuva is also capable of altering the color of his armor. He is also working on other light based powers such as creating solid light and moving at light speed.  He once had power over both light and shadow power, but he had since regained his full light power.  He wears the Kanohi Mask of Light which can generate tremendous amounts of light and rid negative feelings from others.  He now weilds a Triple-bladed light spear and a Midak Skyblaster which can fire spheres of light with explosive power.  Most recently, he has abandoned his weapsons for Twin Light Staffs.

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