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    Bionicle covers the journey of bio-mechanical beings called Toa in a world shrouded in darkness, they are the ones chosen to bring light to the inhabitants of their world, the Matoran. As the story evolves different groups of Toa are focused on, starting with the Toa Mata, the heroes of Mata-Nui, and moving on to the Toa Metru in a flashback that ends off the series. Each group has six members, each of whom is able to access and control a different elemental power, fire, earth, water, rock, wind, or ice. Given guidance by Turaga, former Toa who have grown old with the passing of time, the heroes bring battle to the entity called Makuta; Master of Shadows, who, at various times, attempts to enslave the Matoran, kill the Great Spirit (whose name is Mata-Nui and who the Island of Mata-Nui is named after), or kill the Toa themselves.

    These issues cover five separate story arcs spanning from 2001 - 2005. Each one flows into the next to make a continuous story that is recounted as if it is being told to the reader like a single legend. Yet, each arc exists very clearly throughout the series and has a definite end point. The comics are in the same story realm as a multitude of novels, also written by Greg Farshtey, so, at times, they appear to be missing key plot points or character descriptions, but that is only because those details are located in the books.

    The arcs, in order of appearance and issue number, are roughly:

    1. Quest for the Masks - Issues 1 - 3

    2. The Bohrok Saga - Issues 4 -12

    3. The Mask of Light - Issues 13 -15 (a tie in to the movie by the same title)

    4. Vakama's Tale: The Toa Metru - Issues 16 - 21

    5. Vakama's Tale: The Web of Shadows - Issues 22 - 27

    The whole series is written by Greg Farshtey, who also wrote the series that started where this one stops. Bionicle: Ignition moves onto a different world, and production of this line was cut off to continue the next with a different style of art.

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