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Chirox is a scientist for the Brotherhood. He and Mutran created most of the creatures in the Bioncile world. When Miserix was was being overthrown he joined Teridax's side and imprisoned Miserix. Chirox also was responsible for the Makuta's evolution by studing part of Kojol's Antidermis and his armor. Telling the other Makuta his discovery the Makuta became more powerful thus devolping their powers to enter their souls into robot shells. He orignally inhabited an Exo-Toa but Mutran destroyed it out of anger thus he returned to his first body.

The War in Kardai Nui


Chirox, Antroz, Vamphrah, and Mutran were assigned to take over Kardai Nui in the Universe core. Their they took over the Av-Matoran and infected them with the Shadow Leeches thus turning them into Shadow Matoran. When Matoro sacrificed his life to save Mata Nui, he created a bright light they blinded Chirox, Antroz, and Vamprah. Although Chirox and the others were blind they used Shadow Maotran to act as their eyed by riding on their backs. Chirox had Kirop, Antroz had the mutated tanma, and Vamprah had Galva. Later Kopaka, Lewa, and Pohatu arrived to free the Matoran from the four Makuta they were first unprepared to face the resulting in quick defeat but after finding matoran to help them battle the Makuta they destroyed the Shadow Leech Hive and freed some of the villages.

Swamp of Secrets


After their defeat Chirox and the others retreated to the Swamp of Secrets to team up with the other Makuta stationed their to deal with the Toa.  However, he and his fellow Makuta were destroyed during the energy storm which awakened Mata Nui 



Chirox weilds the Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence. It has the ability to silence. temporarily disable an opponent's ability to speak or hear. Chirox uses this to his advantage to striking at his enemys. He also weilds two Shadow Hooks, and Carries a Tridax Pod in his chest whcih carry Shadow Leeches. Stats:

Strength: 15 ---------------

Agility: 12 ------------

Toughness: 15 ---------------

Mind: 16 ----------------


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