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Krika, like all Makuta, once worked solely on creating new Rahi. When the Brotherhood chose to put Mata Nui to sleep and attempt to seize power, Krika was one of the last to agree to go along with the plan, despite not expecting it to turn out well. Shortly afterwards, he was ordered by Teridax to kill their former leader, Miserix. However, Krika secretly disobeyed the order, and instead hid Miserix on Artidax, an island far to the south of the Matoran Universe. He also put many traps and Rahi to stop any other Makuta from going there to kill the imprisoned Miserix.

Karda Nui

More recently, he and several other Makuta were assigned to the swamps in Karda Nui to control Mata Nui's situation. Krika is the commander of the team, all of whom took the forms of swamp insects. Krika was the first of the three Makuta to arrive in the swamp, and was mutated most severely of them by the Pit Mutagen, locking him in his form, among other things. Krika first revealed himself to the Toa Nuva near the Codrex when he appeared to feed on Tahu's energy. He conversed with Tahu about his fate, and his own musings as to why the Brotherhood wanted power so much. As Krika talked, Tahu used what little elemental energy he had left to heat the ground Krika was on, causing the Makuta to cry out in pain and drift back into the swamp. When the other two Toa Nuva arrived, he and the other two Makuta prepared to attack. Just then, Chirox fell from the sky, and the Toa were able to escape from the distracted Makuta, who were carrying Chirox.

Krika, Bitil, and Gorast then returned to his cave with a Keystone. The Toa Nuva believed they managed to trick the Makuta with time-delayed blasts of elemental energy, so they could enter the lair and steal the Keystone. However, Krika was not so easily deceived by this ruse, and soon doubled back with the others to confront the Toa. Tahu bluffed that they had found the Kanohi Ignika and given it to Pohatu. However, a telepathic message from the Phantoka Makuta revealed that the Ignika was indeed in the custody of the Toa in the air, to the surprise of everybody. The three Toa then escaped into the mud. Gorast wanted to go after them, but Krika stopped her, remembering something Teridax had told him about the Keerakh, and how it was not necessary to chase your opponents, simply to be waiting for them at their destination. The three Makuta then went to the Codrex to ambush the Toa Nuva.

Upon reaching the Codrex and seeing no sign of the Toa Mistika, Krika ordered the Makuta to wait in the shadows. Thinking about the Plan and how it would not help the universe in the least, Krika was caught unaware by the Toa Nuva. Battling Tahu, Krika told him a tale of the Lohrak and the Kavinika, and how if the Kavinika wins and slays the Lohrak with its teeth, the Kavinika still dies due to the poison contained in the Lohrak. After exchanging a few more blows, Krika bluffed that Tahu was too late, and that Bitil had already tampered with the field surrounding the Codrex, and that it would implode. Tahu called the bluff, and fired his Nynrah Ghost Blaster, trapping Krika in an energy field. They were soon joined by the Phantoka (both Toa and Makuta), and the two sides readied for a final battle. In the ensuing battle, he briefly battled with Gali, even offering her mercy, and a chance to leave Karda Nui, until Takanuva intervened with a burst of Light. Seeing that a Toa of Light had joined the battle, Krika resigned himself to his fate and left the area.

He and his fellow Makuta were destroyed during the energy storm which awakened Mata Nui.

Alternate Universes

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