Character » Teridax appears in 13 issues.

    The Current leader of the Makuta. Teridax's body was destroyed by Takanuva but his soul still remains currently waiting for his time to return.

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    Leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Makuta Teridax sought to overthrow the great spirit Mata Nui and rule the universe.  He has used Rahi beasts, the Bohrok, Rahkshi, and various other creatures to take over the Bionicle Universe, but was defeated every time by the heroic Toa.  In the 2003 story line, he tried to get his claws on the legendary mask of light to prevent the 7th Toa's arrival.  His attempt failed miserably when Takanuva, the Toa of light, defeated the Makuta, merged with him to become Takutanuva, and opened the gate to Metru Nui for the other Toa and Matoran.  Makuta's body was then destroyed when the gate slammed down on him.  His spirit, however, remained as Antidermis and ventured with the Piraka to Voya Nui for the Mask of Life.  After this, he took control of a Maxilos robot and attempted to take the mask by force.  This body was also destroyed and he retreated for a last attempt at rule.  During the 2008 story, Makuta entered the mind of Mata Nui, who is in fact the universe himself, and when Mata Nui was finally awakened, Makuta was in full control of the universe.  He had Mata Nui trapped in the mask of life and banished from the Matoran universe.  Now the Toa are buying their time, waiting for a chance to free their world from the Makuta.     

    Powers: mastery of shadow (can project shadow claws, shadow spheres, etc) , hypnotic powers, tremendous strength, near-invincibility, can absorb an opponent into his essense to make himself stronger, shape and size changing. 


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