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    Lewa is one of the protectors of the island of Mata Nui. He is the spirit of air. He fell from the sky in a capsule.

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    Lewa mastery over air and the wind. If he uses a large amount of his power at once it may drain of energy, but he can regain it by absorbing energy from the air around him. He carries a large ax. He posses the Great Kanohi mask Miru, the mask of levitation. He is composed of the biomeatel known as protodermis. Lewa is very agile and can speak to animals. By using his air powers he can also remove all the oxygen from the air creating a vacuum. He can also change the air pressure.


    Lewa was a member of the toa team including Gali, Pohatu, Onua, Tahu, and Kopaka. They arrived on Mata nui unaware of who they were. They found villages of beings called matoran who had awaited their arrival to free them from the tyranny of the Makuta. The matoran were led by wise beings called the turaga who knew the toas' names and purpose. It was their destiny to find all of the great Kanohi masks and use them to defeat Makuta who had polluted the minds of the animals of Mata nui, known as rahi, and put the Great Spirit Mata nui to sleep. Tahu became the leader of the team.

    In their first journeys throughout the island Lewa gained five other masks aside form his mask of levitation. They gave him the powers of underwater breathing, Sheilding, super speed, super strength, and x-ray vision. At the temple Kini nui the six masks were combined into one golden mask that allowed him to use all of his mask powers at once.

    The toa descended to the deep tunnels of the island where they faced shadow versions of themselves, created by the Makuta. They were victorious and reemerged and finished reverting the rahi to normal.

    The toa later faced the threat of the Bohrok swarms, mechanical bugs that functioned as suits for the Krata. The toa gathered one of each kind of Krata and used them to unlock and activate the exotoa, power suits of armor. They then used these suits to battle the Barahg twin queens. At the end of the battle they took off the armor to unite and use their combined power to imprison the Bahrag. The resulting energy burst threw them into pools of energized molten protodermis transforming them in to the toa nuva.

    Lewa nuva

    Lewa nuva lost five of his masks in his tranformation leaving him with only the levitation mask. Their energy however turned the mask into the Miru nuva, increasing its abilities and allowing him to share the power with those near him. His wind powers were stronger and he had more control over them. His ax became twin katana that he can use as wings.

    Shortly after, the Bohrok kal attempted to free the bahrag. The toa battled the bohrok kal underground. They were able to stoop them when Tahu nuva slowed down time. It gave the others a chance at getting past the bohrok kal's defenses and they failed to revive the bahrag.


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