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Icarax is a Makuta stationed in Karzahni. He is the Brotherhood most skilled fighter. Icarax is remembered for his destruction of Xia when Vortixx refused to lower his prices for weapons to the Brootherhood. Mutran had to calm him down which Vortixx agreed to their offers. When Teridax rebelled against Miserix Icarax willing joined Teridax just so he could kill the Makuta who sided with Miserix. Later he was sent to Kill the others who weren't on Destral when rebellion happened.


While Teridax was Missing in action Icarax took over command of the Brotherhood due to him being superior than the other Makuta. Shortly Teridax told Icarax telepathicly to retrieve his mask the Kanohi Kraahkan, and told him to wear it. Which Icarax more powerful. He then ran into Toa Takanuva who overpowered thus resulting in a qucik escape. Teridax then told him to retrieve the Staff of Artakha from Xia before the Toa Mata obtained it. After his task Icarax returned to his realm. Later the Toa Mata reached him and confronted him resulting in their defeat. Gali survived his attack and swept him away with a nova blast. After escaping he went to Mahri Nui to give the staff to Teridax. With his task Icarax went to check on his weapon shipment from Xia. While following the Shipment he found who placed the order two members of the Order of Mata Nui: Botar, and Trinuma. He then killed Botar with his magnetic powers, and serverly injured Trinuma who manged to escape.

Kardai Nui

Icarax then travelled to Metru Nui to attack Takanuva with a Shadow Leech, which originally intended for the Matoran Ahkmou, which turned the Toa into part Light and part Shadow. After his task he then retunred to destral to claim Teridax's throne for himself. Vican then arrived with word from antroz to bring help to Kardai Nui, Icarax interrogated the Matoran and then set him free to tell Antroz that if Icarax is to go to Karda Nui, Antroz should not control his actions. Later, Icarax arrived at Karda Nui after the Phantoka Toa Nuva destroyed the Shadow Leech Vat, and Antroz requested the Makuta to defeat the Toa Ignika. The five Makuta, including Mutran, then set off to attack the sole remaining Av-Matoran village. However, upon arrival they learned that the Toa Nuva and Av-Matoran had already left, and were in fact at their base retrieving the third Keystone. After the toa retrieved the stone, the Makuta arrived to Reobtain their stone which resulted in a fight. Icarax fought against the Toa Ignika, but during the battle the Ignika used his life powers to devole Icarax back to a biomechanical being. As the Makuta's armor was no longer designed for organs, Icarax was pained and let out a loud scream. In no shape to continue fighting, Icarax followed Mutran's decision to retreat and flew towards the Swamp of Secrets to meet up with the Makuta statinoned there.

Icarax and his fellow Makuta were destroyed during the energy storm which awakened Mata Nui. 

Powers & Tools

Icarax has most of the powers of the Makuta, Icarax possesses powerful elemental Shadow powers, He also has the ability to shape-shift, produce Kraata, and has access to the forty-two Kraata powers. He is also known to be very aggressive, and is the most skilled Makuta in hand-to-hand combat. He once had the ability to possess other bodies but the Toa Ignika devolved him back to a Bomechanical being in which his oragans could not stand his current body. Icarax currently wears Teridax's mask the Kanohi Kraakan, the Mask of Shadows. Until Teridax retreives it. He is also has weilds a Tridax Pod, a Rotating Shadow Sword, and a shield. Stats listed this on Icarax's bio listing his level of his powers.

Strength: 14 --------------
Agility: 18 ------------------
Toughness: 18 ------------------
Mind: 13 -------------

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