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    Former Captain Britain Corps member, originated from Earth-833. After the Captain Britain Corps was seemingly lost and his universe wiped out by an incursion Spider-UK created the multiverse traveling group known as the Web Warriors and is its leader.

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    Billy Braddock was a member of the Captain Britain Corps who had become disturbed by a nagging feeling which caused him to investigate the cause. Eventually, while scouring the Multiverse, he learned of the Inheritors and how they were hunting down Spider-Heroes/Heroines for what seemed to be for sport. Taking this new-found knowledge with him he appealed to the Captain Britain Corps for aid but they refused as they were too busy dealing with the Incursions.


    Spider-UK was created by Jason LaTour and Robbi Rodriguez and first appeared in Edge of Spider-Verse issue 2 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Edge of Spider-Verse

    However, Billy was granted the means needed to try and aid his fellow Spiders on his own. Undeterred Billy would travel the Multiverse gathering what Spider-Heroes/Heroines he could for a coming battle against the greatest threat to them all - the Inheritors.


    Billy as Spider-UK
    Billy as Spider-UK

    Billy would lead the Spiders until he stopped by Earth-616 to save Spider-Man, the one who fought and defeated the Inheritor Morlun, and other Spiders native to that zone. The meeting was cut short as danger was close and they all had to retreat to the "Safe Zone", which was guarded by Cosmic Spider-Man. While they were retreating Spider-UK had sent another team to retrieve Kaine of Earth-616 but that came at a high price.

    Upon receiving word on another team, lead by the Superior Spider-Man, Billy accompanied the group that sought them out. The meeting was cut short when Daemos attacked them. Despite suffering loses they managed to kill Daemos only for him to return with some of his siblings. With no other choice Spider-UK retreated with the surviving Spiders.

    Once they had returned to the safe zone Spider-UK witnessed Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man fight for leadership with Spider-Man winning out. Spider-Man than had multiple Spiders leave for different missions, Spider-UK remained in the safe zone. This would nearly prove fatal as Solus, the father of the Inheritors, attacked them when their forces were divided. Spider-UK could only watch as many Spiders died and Morlun had captured the one known as "The Scion".

    Spider-UK tries to contact Spider-Man for aid but he was busy and by the time he arrived many of the Spiders were left dead. Thus they were forced to retreat and regroup but were hindered as the Inheritors were relentless in their pursuit and only ceased when they arrived at Earth-3145 which safeguarded due to its high radiation.

    Eventually arriving at a shelter run by a Spider-powered Uncle Ben the group receives scrolls from Spider-Woman of Earth-616 after Spider-UK gives Spider-India a pep talk after the latter was doubting himself. The scrolls were unreadable to all save Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) who discovered the Prophecy and how to win. Thus Spider-UK accompanied Anya as she set out to get Karn to defect to their side and after giving some of their essence to Karn they succed.

    Soon after they arrive at the battlefield to aid Spider-Man and are able to defeat the Inheritors, however Superior Spider-Man betrays them all and Spider-UK is forced to aid the others in taking the rogue Spider down. Once dealt with Spider-UK witnessed Karn because the next Great Weaver and soon learned that his Universe was lost due to the Incursions and that the Captain Britain Corps was no more. Feeling guilty as he chose the Spiders over them he creates the Web Warriors team and Anya becomes his first ally.

    Secret Wars: Spider-Verse

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    Despite having his memories altered by Doom and being placed on Battleworld, Billy remains Spider-UK and works closely with Anya whom he considers his most reliable and trusted ally. While gathering Spiders and dealing with strange memories and feelings they are lead into a trap and soon captured by the Norman Osborn of the zone. Though Billy doesn't trust Norman he decides to accept his hospitality as Spider-India wouldn't leave and he didn't want to abandon a fellow Spider.

    Working with Norman it's revealed by Anya that one day Spider-UK had went patrolling and Anya, after seeing him for the first time, felt drawn towards Billy as if she belonged at his side. That was the start of their working relationship as partners. Back in the present Norman flips out over seeing a picture of Peter Parker and after he leaves Anya appears and takes Spider-Uk, and the rest of the team, to see Caesar's Palace which reacts violently to their presence. This draws the attention of a Thor.

    Web Warriors

    Following Secret Wars the Web Warriors has returned to its original mission statement of helping Universes in need of a Spider and Billy remains the team's leader.

    In Other Media

    Video Game

    Spider-Man (2018)
    Spider-Man (2018)
    • Spider-UK appears in the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game.
    • Spider-UK's outfit appears as an alternate costume in the 2018 Spider-Man game for the PS4.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Spider-UK was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Spider-UK was featured in The Marvel Chess Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Spider-UK was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Sandman Build-a-Figure wave.


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