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    Artist and writer who has contributed to such works as Robert Kirkman's Battle Pope and Tarantino's Django Unchained promo series from Vertigo. Currently, he is the writer of the relaunched Wolverine and the X-Men and artist of the hit Image series Southern Bastards.

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    While minoring in visual arts at East Carolina University, Jason LaTour made his first foray into the world of comics with the school newspaper, starting a comic strip called 4 Seats Left. Having graduated in 1999 and deciding to pursue a career in comics, LaTour inked a number of "B-side" stories in Battle Pope, at that time being published through Funk-O-Tron Comics by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. In 2002 he landed a job as a colourist with Bongo Comics, where he worked on and off for a number of years. 2004 saw him briefly at Image Comics where he wrote and drew a story titled 4SL that appeared in Invincible issues #15-17, and again in 2005 when he and writer B. Clay Moore premiered the short-lived title The Expatriate. A preview for the first chapter of The Expatriate appeared in the final pages of The Walking Dead #15 (January 2005)

    In May 2008 he did a variant cover for Bluewater Productions' Sinbad: the Rogue of Mars #3.

    October 2010 he was picked up by Marvel to do a story with Peter Milligan in Daredevil: Black and White, and the following month joined Duane Swierczynski in The Books of the Iron Fist, published in I Am An Avenger #1.

    The next two years was primarly spent doing pencil and ink work for both Marvel and DC. In March 2012 he teamed up with Mike Mignola for two issues of B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: The Pickens County Horror. With the 2013 release of Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained LaTour found himself employed doing pencils for a promotional mini-series from Vertigo. The two issues were released in February and April of 2013; in March LaTour wrote a short story titled Captain America & Quentin Quire: The New Deal?, appearing in A+X #4. Most recently LaTour has taken over from Ed Brubaker as the new writer on Marvel's Winter Soldier, starting with April 2013's issue #15, Skin to Shed.


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