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    May Reilly, also known as Lady Spider, is the Spider Woman of Earth-803. Although she wasn't a Spider Totem, she joined all of those who were, in the fight against the Inheritors in the Spider-Verse. She has recently joined the Web Warriors.

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    May Reilly was a woman born during the Industrial Revolution in a different reality and made herself a steampunk spider suit with 18th century looking machinary. She started calling herself Lady Spider and tried to be a hero in her own reality.


    Lady Spider was created by Robbie Thompson and Denis Medri and first appeared in Spider-Verse Vol.1 issue 1 (2015).

    Major Story Arcs


    May lived her life, but was eventually recruited by Spider-UK and the Spider-Army to fight against Morlun and his family. May Reilly fought bravely and even gained a few new friendships. After Morlun was defeated, May joined a number of former Spider-Army members in becoming the guardians of the great Web, also known as the Web Warriors.

    Web Warriors


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