Marvel Comics Presents #113

    Marvel Comics Presents » Marvel Comics Presents #113 - Typhoid's Kiss & other stories released by Marvel on October 16, 1992.

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    This issue features four stories.

    "Typhoid's Kiss - Pt. 5: Mindfield" - starring Wolverine and Typhoid Mary

    "Rest and Sweet Glory - Chapter One: The 3rd Life of Bill Foster!" - starring Giant-Man

    "Legion of Vengeance - Part One: The Night has a Thousand Eyes" - starring Ghost Rider and Iron Fist

    "Mercy Mission" - In the Canadian woods, the Werewolf tracks the Wendigo, racing against time. He finds the cannibalistic creature feeding on a victim. The Werewolf attacks his quarry and they struggle until the lycanthrope manages to climb onto the Wendigo's back and grip the creature in a headlock. The Wendigo falls unconscious, just in time to transform into his former human self, a change that occurs once a year. The Werewolf's intent is to kill the man while human to end his suffering, but the man reveals his glee about being a killer. The Werewolf leaves the man to his well-deserved fate.


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