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    An American journalist, editor, and comic book writer.

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    Ann Nocenti is a comic book writer who was nominated for the Will Eisner Award of "Best Writer" in 1989 thanks to her work on Daredevil. Also known as an editor for Marvel comics on the Uncanny X-Men and New Mutants. Nocenti helped to create characters with artists (John Romita Jr. or Art Adams respectfully) help, like: Blackheart, Longshot, Mojo, Typhoid Mary and Spiral.

    Nocenti has been announced as the new writer on DC's Green Arrow, starting with Issue #7 in 2012. She will also be writing Catwoman, beginning with #0.

    As of January, 2013 Ann Nocenti will be leaving Green Arrow after a 10 issue run. She will then be moving on to be the writer of Katana, with Alex Sanchez on art duties. The series will focus on Katana as she goes to Japan-town to get revenge on those who murdered her husband.


    • In Ultimate X-Men, the character, Longshot, who was created for her, is named Arthur Centino. His Last name, Centino, is an anagram of Nocenti, a tribute to his creator. The name Arthur is for the co-creator of Longshot Arthur Adams, who was the artist for the Longshot miniseries by Ann Nocenti.
    • In Incredible The Incredible Hulk #291, an issue had written on the cover "CAUTION is the month of assistants editor", Ann Nocenti made ​​a cameo, talking with Dr. Bruce Banner, in a story written by Bill Mantlo , drawn by Sal Buscema and inked by Carlos Garzon and Joe Sinnott. At that time Ann Nocenti was the assistant editor for Larry Hama in Incredible Hulk and X-Men.

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