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    Comic book and television writer who has worked on Justice League Unlimited, Fantastic Four, Beyond!, and World War Hulk: Damage Control. Also created the Milestone characters which are currently being inserted into the mainstream DCU. Has written Justice League of America for DC Comics.

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    Dwayne Glenn McDuffie was born on February 20th 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. McDuffie got his first breakthrough in the comic book industry at Marvel Comics in 1988 with a mini-series he created called Damage Control, a construction crew that specializes in property damage caused by conflicts between superheroes and supervillains.

    Milestone Media

    "If you do a black character or a female character or an Asian character, then they aren't just that character. They represent that race or that sex, and they can't be interesting because everything they do has to represent an entire block of people. You know, Superman isn't all white people and neither is Lex Luthor. We knew we had to present a range of characters within each ethnic group, which means that we couldn't do just one book. We had to do a series of books and we had to present a view of the world that's wider than the world we've seen before."

    In the early 1990s, McDuffie and two partners founded Milestone Comics as a response to cultural mistreatment in comic books. In 1993, the first few titles ( Static Shock, Icon, Hardware, the Blood Syndicate, etc) were published due to a deal with DC Comics. His goal was to help promote cultural diversity in comic books without promoting stereotypes. The character he is probably most noted for is Static Shock. Eventually, Static would appear as a temporary Teen Titan in the comics.

    Talented Writer

    McDuffie went on to write for many different comics and animated television series. His creation, Static Shock, was created into an animated television show and premiered in 2000. He also worked on shows such as Teen Titans, Justice League (the Animated Series), What's New Scooby-Doo, Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, and DC's animated movies Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, All-Star Superman, and Justice League: Doom. McDuffie was also a freelance writer for comic books such as Justice League of America, Firestorm, and many more titles from DC Comics.

    Characters & Teams Created/Co-Created by Dwayne McDuffie (in comics and animation)

    • Damage Control
      • Anne Marie Hoag
      • Kathleen O/Meara
      • Robin Chapel
      • Marie Leahy
      • Albert Cleary
      • John Porter
      • Bart Rozum
      • Eugene "Gene" Strausser
      • Henry Ackerdson
      • Lenny Ballinger
      • Anne
      • Fluppy
      • Edifice Rex (Rex Randolph)
    • Deathlok (Michael Collins)
    • Hardware
    • Blood Syndicate
      • Holocaust
      • Tech-9
      • Wise Son
      • Third Rail
      • Brickhouse
      • Fade
      • Flashback
      • DMZ
      • Masquerade
      • Boogyman
      • Aquamaria
      • Dogg
    • Icon
      • Rocket
    • Static
    • Shadow Cabinet
      • Dharma
      • Iron Butterfly
      • Plus
      • Donner
      • Blitzen
      • Starlight
      • Iota
      • Twilight
      • Sideshow
      • Gloria Mundi
      • Payback
      • Mechanic
    • Techqinue
    • Buck Wild
    • Rocket II (Darnice)
    • Rook Blonko
    • Julie Yamamoto
    • Alan Albright
    • Jimmy Jones
    • Hotstreak/Firewheel
    • Tarmack
    • Edwin Alva
    • S.Y.S.T.E.M.
      • Mom
      • Monocle
    • Rift
    • Highwaymen
    • Highbreed
    • DNAliens
    • Aggregor
    • Harm
    • Deathwish
    • Mistress Murder
    • Oblivion
    • Yoongar
    • Lysistrata Jones
    • Sweetstick Max
    • Cockroach Andy
    • Kingfish
    • Trapshot
    • Mai Tai
    • Grasshopper
    • Smoke
    • Hangman
    • Hypo
    • Frieda Goren
    • Rick Stone
    • Richie Foley/Gear
    • Adam Evans/Rubberband Man
    • Anansi
    • Larry Wade
    • Daisy Watkins
    • Robert Hawkins
    • Jean Hawkins
    • Sharon Hawkins
    • Amistad Augustus Ervin
    • Sandra Ervin
    • Noble
    • Barraki Young
    • Phreaky Deke
    • Cheryl Saltz
    • Robin Chaplik
    • Mayor Thomasina Jefferson
    • Roberta Elk Step
    • Rain Falling West
    • Lee Hyland
    • Siege (John Kelly)
    • Harlan Ryker
    • Anung-Ite
    • Beatrice Carlton
    • Powderkeg
    • Warwolf
    • Mechadoom
    • Killjoy
    • Phreak
    • Devil Ray
    • Ragtag
    • Omnifarius
    • Onyx
    • Osobo
    • Onini
    • Mmboro
    • Speedwarp
    • Control Freak
    • Kalmari
    • Doctor Goodwrench
    • Dittomaster
    • Arlo Samuelson
    • Will Harangue
    • Jimmy Osgood


    RIP Dwayne McDuffie
    RIP Dwayne McDuffie

    Sadly, Dwayne McDuffie passed away on Feburary 21st, 2011 due to complications from an emergency heart surgery in Burbank, California. He is survived by his wife Charlotte Fullerton, and his half-brother Keegan-Michael Key.


    The Dwayne McDuffie Award For Diversity In Comics

    Dwayne McDuffie Award For Diversity
    Dwayne McDuffie Award For Diversity

    In 2015, Dwayne McDuffie's name was incorporated into a prestigious award by Long Beach Comic Expo in honor of his contributions in the comic book industry and TV animation. Since it's first award ceremony it has become an annual event for fellow comic book writers who present diverse characters and storytelling.


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