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    American comic book artist and writer, Sam Kieth has had successes with Marvel, DC. His running relationship with Image comics has led to the creation of various creator-owned series, including The Maxx.

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    Sam Kieth’s career in comics began in 1983, working as the inker of Matt Wagner’s Mage for Comico Comics. Then in 1989, he drew the first five issues of the DC title called The Sandman. He left the series because he felt his style was unsuited to the book and handed over his chores to his former inker, Mike Dringenberg.

    He then illustrated two volumes of Epicurus the Sage for writer, William Messner-Loeb, and drew an Aliens miniseries for Dark Horse, before creating The Maxx for Image in 1993, using character designs from a failed pitch for Marvel. It ran for 35 issues, had a spin-off series Friends of the Maxx, and was adapted into an animated series for MTV. Kieth also wrote & did the art for the Marvel Knights 4-part mini series Wolverine/Hulk. Since then, as artist/writer, Kieth has gone on to produce Zero Girl, Zero Girl: Full Circle, Four Women, Ojo and My Inner Bimbo.

    Kieth’s work also includes Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious, a two-issue prestige format mini-series for DC that started in August 2007. Additionally, for the British market, he did several covers for the reprints of Nemesis the Warlock.


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