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This issue features four stories.

"Typhoid's Kiss - Part 4: Push My Buttons" - starring Wolverine and Typhoid Mary

"Demogoblin's Lament" - starring Demogoblin

"Return of the Braineaters - Part Six: Showdown" - Jack Russell (the Werewolf) and Ghost Rider chase after the Braineaters, the werewolf motorcycle gang who are closing in on Billy, a boy who witnessed murders committed by the gang. Ghost Rider combines his chain with silver bullets obtained by Jack, and when they catch up to the Braineaters, he fires the links into the werewolves. The survivors, led by Scuzz turn to face the Ghost Rider and Jack. Ghost Rider and Scuzz battle one on one, their fight carrying them to a rooftop. They tumble over the edge, and Ghost Rider saves himself by wrapping his chain around a gargoyle, but Scuzz falls onto a fence which impales him. The rest of the gang is been soon subdued. Later, at Cypress Hills Cemetery, Dan Ketch and Jack, after discussing their respective curses, go their separate ways.

"Picnic" - starring Pip the Troll


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