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    A Spirit of Vengeance who mistakenly thought himself to be the ancestor of Danny Ketch and Johnny Blaze, Noble Kale. His identity was later revealed to be an elaborate lie by Mephisto and Blackheart. Noble's true identity remains that of a mysterious Spirit of Vengeance.

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    The man that would become the first Ghost Rider, Noble lived in the eighteenth century and grew up with his abusive father Pastor Kale and his younger brother Dante.

    Noble would fall in love with a black girl called Magdelena, because of the color of her skin and his father’s strong religious views the couple kept their love a secret from the world, but they where forced to tell Pastor when Magdelena had Noble’s child and the two married shortly after.

    Shortly after the marriage, Magdelena discovered Pastor’s dark secret, he was a servant of the dark lord Mephisto. To cover up Magdelena’s findings Pastor accused her of witchcraft and had her burned at the stake. Knowing that Noble would object, he had his son drugged, tortured and beaten in pastor’s church cellar.

    Just before Magdelena died, she used a curse to summon demons that avenge wronged women, the demons where called Furies and they started killing the towns people, fearing death Pastor struck a deal with Mephisto, in return for Pastor’s safety, Mephisto got Noble’s soul, Mephisto realized that Noble was attached to a piece of the Medallion of power, Mephisto activated the piece to transform Noble into the original Spirit of Vengeance. When Ghost Rider had destroyed the Furies, the pastor offered him human flesh, Noble's son. Unwilling to eat his own child, Noble killed himself.

    When Mephisto appeared to claim Noble's soul, Mephisto's brother, the archangel Uriel appeared and demanded that the soul of Noble Kale be spared. Since no agreement could be reached, a compromise was made where Noble's soul was to be claimed by neither realm; instead, his soul would remain in the void until rebounded with certain members of his family.

    Major Story Arcs

    Noble would be bounded with a few members of his family, one of these people being a soldier whose name was unknown.

    Years later a descendant of Noble, Naomi Kale, got married to a stunt man called Barton Blaze, they had three children, Johnny, Danny and Barbara, to protect her sons from the becoming Ghost Riders. Johnny would be left at the Quentin Carnival with Craig “Crash” Simpson and his family and Danny and Barbara where sent to Cypress Hills to live with a woman called Francis Ketch.

    Over the years Naomi used a number of spells to try and stop Johnny from becoming the Ghost Rider. Naomi was badly ill and decided to see her children one last time. She shares a few words with Johnny at the carnival but is pulled out by security when Crash Simpson spots her, she travels to Cypress Hills to see Danny and Barbara on Barbara’s birthday, she sees Danny outside and they smile at each other, but Naomi is asked to leave by a policeman. She then travels to a Cypress Hills cemetery to visit an unmarked grave. There she is confronted by Mephisto, Naomi somehow manages to slightly tap into the power of Noble Kale but her dying body could hold this form so Noble withdrew to try to save Naomi but it wasn’t enough and Naomi was extremely weak and collapsed and was on the edge of dying, Mephisto’s servant appeared, the servant was Pastor Kale, Noble’s father.

    As he was carrying Naomi to her grave he told her that she may have stopped Johnny from becoming the true Ghost Rider but it does not mean that he can’t become “A” Ghost Rider and the curse will simply move on to the next of her children (Barbara was meant to become the true Ghost Rider but dies before she can be transformed so Danny becomes the true Ghost Rider). Hearing this Naomi dies and goes to hell.

    Years later, Noble bound with Naomi’s youngest son, Danny, together they form the living spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider.

    King of Hell

    Blackheart became more and more obsessed with destroying the Ghost Rider, unleashing his own spirits of vengeance, made up of Wallow, Pao Fu, Doghead and Verminous Rex. When Ghost Rider

    King of Hell
    King of Hell

    refused to join them, the other spirits of vengeance battled him and in his weakened state, Pao Fu was able to kill him. Noble, as the Ghost Rider and Dan were sent to hell and separated. Blackheart offered the Ghost Rider a demonic bargain: Noble would have to marry both Pao Fu and a spirit called Black Rose, and in return Noble would regain his mortal form and would be free of the curse of the Medallion of Power.

    Dan was contacted by his dead mother, Naomi Kale’s soul, who led him through Hell. At the end of the journey, Dan discovered the final secret of Noble’s origin: Noble was the angel of death. Dan managed to tell Noble of this, but in the end could not survive the conditions of Hell and died.

    Now, fully aware of his true identity and upset at Dan’s death, Noble destroyed Blackheart and his Spirits of Vengeance and became the new ruler of Hell. With his newfound powers, Noble revives Dan and gives him his soul back, and sends him back to New York, in thanks to him for spending years as his host and friend.

    Noble’s rule was interrupted, although the exact circumstances are unknown, which resulted in Noble being cast out of Hell. Left without a human host, Noble wandered around with his hellfire raging out of control, confused about his identity. Dan stumbled upon Noble and recognized that Noble’s powers were fluctuating because he lacked a human host. The two merged once more and rode off to restart their mission of vengeance.


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