Legion of Super-Rejects

    Team » Legion of Super-Rejects appears in 4 issues.

    The Legion of Super-Rejects were comprised of angry individuals that were rejected from the Legion of Super-Heroes for having powers that duplicated existing members.

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    Six individuals with super-powers try to join the Legion Of Super-Heroes but are rejected due to the Legion policy of not having members with duplicate powers. The six rejects decided to band together and form the Legion of Super-Rejects, intent on showing the Legion of Super-Heroes that they were more able than their Legionnaire counterparts and wanted to challenge them for their spot on the team. They entered the Legion of Super-Heroes headquarters and fought their counterparts, actually putting them on the ropes, until Superman entered and interrupted the fight. The six accused Legionnaires wanted to prove their worth as well, and made plans to fight again the very next day.

    On the next day, the Legion of Super-Rejects and their counterparts in the Legion of Super-Heroes met and fought. However, the Legion of Super-Heroes used their prized teamwork to defeat their adversaries, something the Legion of Super-Rejects were not accustomed to. The Legion of Super-Rejects left, dejected.

    Some members of the Legion of Super-Rejects turned to a life of crime, with Magno Lad, Esper Lass and Micro Lad even joining the Legion of Super-Villains. Phantom Lad and Chameleon Kid were not heard from again. Calorie Queen has made appearances since.

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    Duplicating Powers

    This section displays a member of the Legion of Super-Rejects, their counterpart on the Legion of Super-Heroes, and their similar super power.

    Legion of Super-RejectsPowersLegion of Super-Heroes
    Phantom LadPhasingPhantom Girl
    Calorie QueenSuper-ConsumptionMatter-Eater Lad
    Magno LadMagnetismCosmic Boy
    Esper LassTelepathySaturn Girl
    Micro LadShrinkingShrinking Violet
    Chameleon KidShape-ShiftingChameleon Boy

    Post Zero Hour: Earth-247

    Rejected Zero Hour
    Rejected Zero Hour

    In the continuity reboot post Zero Hour, another version of the Legion of Super-Rejects made a brief yet pivotal appearance.

    After being rejected from the Legion try outs, this time not for duplication of powers, four individuals (Cherry Bomb, the Tongue, Density and Phantom Lad) wanted to demostrate their value by set up a false incident in a miner asteroid to attract the Legion and appear as heroes to the team. However, the legionnaires sent were a team of rookies, (Sensor, Umbra and Magno) the ones chosen above them. Dissapointed, the rejects decided than if the rookies just died in the course of the investigation, the Legion would had to do new try outs. However, the capacity from the new members was too much for the rejects and they were easly defeated, mostly by Umbra, who nicknamed them. However because the accident caused by the Rejects to attract the attention of the Legion, they inadvertently freed the wizard Mordru from his prision.


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