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A resident of Earth-247's 31st century, Cherry Bomb was a metahuman with the unique ability to project a radial blast of light and sound from her body to deafen her opponents. She was one of many super-powered teenagers who auditioned to become a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but was ultimately rejected because her powers were deemed detrimental to a group in battle, as she could not control who was affected by them.

Bitter at this turn of events, Cherry Bomb sided with a group of other rejects from the auditions and launched a bid for re-entry. The rejects caused a mine cave-in and waited until the Legion arrived, hoping to impress the team by solving the cause of the disaster. When they found the Legionnaires who arrived were new members Magno, Umbra, and Sensor, who had gotten in over them, Cherry Bomb and the other rejects changed their plan to kill the Legionnaires and create new openings in the team.

For her hand in the plot, Cherry Bomb paired up with The Tongue, the who seemed to hold some degree of infatuation towards her. However, they did not count on Umbra's combat prowess and warrior heritage, and the duo were ultimately defeated and captured by the newest Legionnaire, who defeated them despite her senses being temporarily dampened by Cherry Bomb's powers and her own dark-sphere, which she used to turn the tables on Cherry Bomb in particular by blinding them and tying them up with Tongue's prehensile tongue. Incidentally, the mine cave-in that she and the others caused ultimately led to the freedom of the villainous sorcerer, Mordru.

Powers and Abilities

Cherry Bomb has the ability to unleash a blinding flash of light and sound from her body, causing those in an immediate area to temporarily become deaf and blind. She plays off this fact by wearing a shirt that says "boom" and wearing protective goggles, supposedly to shield herself from her own powers, though she neglects to wear any protective devices to shield her hearing from her abilities, suggesting she is immune to their effects.

After each energy discharge, Cherry Bomb must wait an undisclosed amount of time before triggering her power again - that limitation a possible reason as to why she was rejected for Legion membership in the first place. Another reason for her rejection most-likely stems from the fact that her powers are radial in nature, and not selective like many of the Legionnaires' abilities, meaning that it is entirely possible that her teammates would be susceptible to friendly-fire should she use her powers while in close proximity to them. This was evidenced when The Tongue had to shield his eyes and ears from her powers before she could use them on Umbra.


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