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    Chameleon Kid is a Durlan that was rejected from the Legion of Super-Heroes. He joined other rejects to form the Legion of Super-Rejects, but they were promptly defeated.

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    Chameleon Kid first appeared in the pages of Superboy # 212; Last Fight for A Legionnaire. He was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Mike Grell


    It is unknown when and how Toog Lintens was able to leave his homeworld of Durla. Having xenophobic beliefs and strict laws against interactions within other sentient beings. However he may have accomplished this Toog traveled to Earth in search membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Knowing that another Durlan had become famous across the universe as Chameleon Boy as a member. Toog was outraged at his rejection once he tried out, due to the fact Chameleon Boy's like abilities.The Legion’s policy of requiring new members to have a unique superpower was well established and bared his application. He came together with other disgruntled rejects, each of whom felt that he or she was more qualified to be a Legionnaire than their Legion counterparts. This “Legion of Super-Rejects” made another bid for Legion membership, challenging their counterparts for their places on the team. Loog had renamed himself as Chameleon Kid and the others were defeated by the superior skill and teamwork of the heroes, and Magno Lad was rejected again, lucky to escape criminal charges.


    Chameleon Kid is a Durlan and as all of his race is a shapeshifter. Chameleon Kid can shapechange into any animal, terrestrial or otherwise, or imitate any object. He can also imitate the appearance of other humanoids, though he does not gain any special Powers they may possess.

    Chameleon Kid is not a mere imitator of other shapes for he is also able to alter his body into forms from his own imagination, and is particularly adept at stretching his form or changing the bulk and appearance of his arms to give him greater physical power and strength.

    Like all Durlans, Toog possesses the ability to transform his body's size, shape and color to mimic any person, creature or object in the universe. Having a malleable form, Toog can stretch and extend his form despite being in a solid form.

    Durlans can scan objects and/or living forms and store their shape into their brains. Scanning with their antenna takes only a few moments and the Durlan can take that form at any time

    Toog is limited to the physical capabilities of the form he takes. For instance, he cannot gain a Kryptonian's enhanced cells. However, he can fly like a bird and/or sting like a bee.


    Chameleon Kid has orange skin, is bald, and has large pointed ears, he looks very much like Chameleon Boy. His costume is white and covers his briefs, torso and arms. However his legs are bare. He also wears white boots.


    Real name: Toog Lintens

    Marital Status: Single

    Known Relatives: None

    Group affiliation: Legion Rejects

    Height: variable Weight: Variable

    Eyes: Variable (in colour and number) Hair: None (but also variable)


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