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    Esper Lass comes from the 30th century's colonized moon Titan, in Saturn's orbit. Like most denizens of Titan, she has formidable mental abilities and was a reject of the Legion of Super-Heroes before becoming a villain and a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.

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    Esper Lass was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Mike Grell. Her first apperance was in the pages of Superboy # 212; Last Fight for A Legionnaire.


    A Beautiful Mind is a bad thing to waste
    A Beautiful Mind is a bad thing to waste

    Meta Ulnoor was once considered to be the most promising psychic on Titan since Saturn Girl. However, her temper and arrogance prevented her from truly achieving Saturn Girl's levels.

    Meta left Titan to challenge Saturn Girl for her spot on the Legion of Super-Heroes but was rejected. Angered by the rejection, Meta joined with other rejects to form the Legion of Super-Rejects. This team challenged the LOSH but were defeated and shamed.

    Meta and two of fellow Super-Rejects, Magno Lad and Micro Lad, went on to join the Legion of Super-Villains with whom she has participated in many battles. Esper Lass was one of the most eager participants in the LSV’s massive assault on the Legion of Super-Heroes in 2985. She was extremely valuable for her ability to telepathically coerce or control her more psychotic or uncooperative teammates, such as the mad Daxamite Ol-Vir. She also secretly leeched all of the Gil’disphan Zymyr’s dimensional-travelling technology from its mind. Nevertheless, she was captured with the remainder of the LSV and is currently in custody on Labyrinth, the United Planets prison-world.

    "I'm gonna go mental on you"

    Esper Lass is later seen again as a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.[1] Her last pre-Zero Hour appearance was a cameo during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.[2]

    She was later seen in Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #2, once again a member of the Legion of Super-Villains. She's later seen attacking Saturn Girl's mind, along with Saturn Queen. In the next issue, she's been mentally blocked by the Saturn Girl of Earth-Prime, to stop her from aiding Saturn Queen.


    • Marital Status: Presumed single
    • Known Relatives: None
    • Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Villains, Legion of Super-Rejects
    • Base Of Operations: Mobile, 30th Century
    • Place of Birth: Titan; Saturn moon, Milky Way Galaxy
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Brown

    Physical Description

    The look of an up and coming Titan
    The look of an up and coming Titan

    Esper Lass is humanoid and has the same physical attributes of a the normal Earth woman of her height and weight. She is petite and curvy woman with short cropped brown hair.

    Her costume consists silver boots, silver bracelets and armbands, a lavender loincloth, and a blue bathing suit breastplate like top which still leaves her back, midriff, arms, and legs bare. She also wears a blue tiara or headband.

    Powers and Abilities

    The mind is vast and deep
    The mind is vast and deep

    Like other natives of Titan, Esper Lass was born with a number of psychic powers. She can probe for deep or hidden memories, plant suggestions into weaker minds and exert some mental control over others. In her initial appearance, she proves to have stronger powers than Saturn Girl, and is able to overpower the more experienced superhero.

    With her telepathic powers Esper Lass is able to read, receive and broadcast thoughts. She can manipulate information the brain receives to makes others believe highly powerful illusions. Esper Lass is also able manifest telepathic force bolts, which she can use to stun, injure, or even kill someone. She can also project an astral self of herself in the minds of others. She has the ability to use her mind as a psi-link, allowing her to connect with others and for them to communicate with one another.

    She has been able to mentally search areas of vast space to find specific minds. Even communicated with Legionnaires in the timestream.

    Esper Lass also has the normal intensive scientific education given on Titan and is familiar with spacecraft. She is the only known humanoid to master Gil’dishpan dimension-travel technology, a subject which has mystified even Brainiac 5.

    In Other Media

    Esper in Legion of Super-Heroes animation series
    Esper in Legion of Super-Heroes animation series

    In the American animation series titled the Legion of Super-Heroes which put out by Warner Bros, a character appeared named Esper. She appeared in both the episodes "Lightning Storm" and "Man on the Edge of Tomorrow:Part 2". The character was voiced by the actress Tara Strong.

    This was the original Esper Lass character which was changed only in dropping the "Lass" to the name and keeping true to the look and power set and of course villain affiliation. Esper first appears as a member of the Light Speed Vanguard, a team united by Lightning Lord the eldest sibling to Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass. Esper would return with her comrades and assault Saturn Girl and with the assistance of Tharok succeeds in knocking her into a coma. The story continues with Lightning Lad becoming obsessed with hunting down Esper and getting his revenge for crippling Saturn Girl. However he is talked down by his teammate Phantom Girl.


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