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Phantom Lad was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Mike Grell. Her first appearance was in the pages of Superboy # 212; Last Fight for A Legionnaire.


Solon Darga, Phantom Lad, was born in the 30th century on the extra-dimensional world of Bgztl. While its people are able to pass through walls and other solid objects at will, he was one of the the only member's of his race with the ability to pass fully through the Phantom Zone and onto Earth, which shared dimensional space with Bgztl.

Phantom Lad's from the extra-dimensional world of Bgtzl, just like Phantom Girl. He's a big obnoxious oaf in a white singlet, which isn't quite as cool, frankly.

He's a misogynist and a hair-puller! Seriously, "a Phantom Lad is better than a Phantom Girl"? What the hell is the justification for that? If it's physical strength, think again, bucko - your power is becoming immaterial.

have to admit: this was my favourite part of this comic book. POW! Right in the kisser. Plus we got to see the Shrinking Violet Growing Uppercut, which I always enjoy.

Powers and Abilities

Phantom Lad has the ability to turn intangible by shifting his existence partially or fully into the extra-dimensional space known as the Phantom Zone. He has demonstrated the ability to phase with split-second timing, and is also capable of phasing certain parts of his body selectively. While phased, he is immune to physical harm, can maneuver through solid objects, and float weightlessly like a ghost under his own power.


Phantom Lad has a muscular build, fit and athletic man with black wavy hair, and has brown eyes. He wears a white costume that leaves his face and legs, arms,hands and chest bare, with white tight boots.


Marital Status: Presumed single

Known Relatives: None

Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Rejects

Base Of Operations: Earth, Bgztl

Eyes: Black Hair: Brown

Height: 5'11” Weight: 170 lbs Age: In his twenties


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