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    Magno Lad was a Legion reject that turned to crime, joining to the Legion of Super-Villains to get revenge.

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    Current Events

    Magno Lad has not been seen since Flashpoint. It is unknown whether or not he will appear after the relaunch. His last appearance was in Geoff John's Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds. There, he was freed from Takron-Galtos, the prision planet,and joined Superboy Prime's Legion of Super-Villains.


    Enter the challenger!
    Enter the challenger!

    Kort Grezz, is a native of the planet Braal in the 30th century. His native magnetic powers are far superior to nearly all other Braalians. He was a three-time national champion in magno ball, and was also Olympic Champion in Braal’s Magnetic Olympics. His power even exceeds that of Cosmic Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Kort decided to go by his nickname “Magno Lad,” accomplished all of these great feats before the age of eighteen. Having achieved every other accolade by virtue of his power, Kort traveled to Earth in search of his next honor, “certain” membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes. Kort was shocked and outraged at his rejection, even though by that point the Legion’s policy of requiring new members to have a unique superpower was well established. He came together with other disgruntled rejects, each of whom felt that he or she was more qualified to be a Legionnaire than their Legion counterparts. This “Legion of Super- Rejects” made another bid for Legion membership, challenging their counterparts for their places on the team. Kort and the others were defeated by the superior skill and teamwork of the heroes, and Magno Lad was rejected again, lucky to escape criminal charges.

    Power at his fingertips
    Power at his fingertips

    Humiliated and afraid to face the reporters at home, he told them only that “a better offer” had come along and followed Esper Lass’s urging to join the Legion of Super-Villains. Before he fully realized just how ruthless his new associates were, he became too deeply involved with the group to salvage his reputation. So he decided to make the best of it by doing everything he could to help the LSV win and trying his best to destroy those who had dared to belittle them, namely the Legion of Superheroes!

    He proved to be a valuable addition to the LSV, in one skirmish even defeating Wildfire by magnetically ripping apart his containment suit. But eventually he was captured with the rest of the LSV and is currently in custody on Labyrinth, the prison planet of the United Planet


    Magno Lad was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Mike Grell.

    Character Evolution

    He started out in the Legion of Super-Rejects but then join the Legion of Super-Villains.

    Powers and Abilities

    He's got a natural magnetism!
    He's got a natural magnetism!

    Magnetic Control: Magno Lad has very strong magnetic powers, perhaps the strongest of any living Braalian. He can attract, repel, or control any magnetic atom or ore, enabling him to turn metallic objects into projectiles. He can affect bio-organisms by the trace metals in their blood, tossing them around almost like he would metals.

    He has excellent control, as well, due to his magno ball practice. He has not demonstrated the breadth of creative uses of magnetism that Cosmic Boy has, though he certainly has the potential. He has shown himself able to magnetically bypass or control computerized security systems.

    Magno Lad can control and manipulate iron and iron alloys. This allows him to lift metal objects, detect magnetic fields, confuse machinery, and fly.

    Magno Lad is also possessed of a professional athlete’s physique and reflexes and thus is relatively formidable in physical combat.


    Marital Status: presumed single

    Known Relatives: none

    Group affiliation: Legion of Super-Villains

    Base Of Operations: 30th century

    Height: 6‘0” Weight: 180 lbs Age: In his twenties

    Eyes: Blue Hair: Blond


    Magno Lad is a healthy, fit, and muscular athletic man with blond hair, bread and mustache. He also has blue eyes. He wears a purple costume that leaves his face and legs bare, with purple buccaneer boots, blue bands around his wrists and waist, and a blue loin cloth.

    Major Story Arcs

    He briefly appeared in Geoff John's Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds where he attempted to help Superboy Prime and his evil plans.


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