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    Lalo Muldron was a native of Imsk and a member of the Legion of Super-Villains with the ability to shrink to microscopic size.

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    Micro Lad was created by writer Jim Shooter and penciler Mike Grell. Her first apperance was in the pages of Superboy # 212; Last Fight for A Legionnaire.


    Lalo Muldroon was a native of the planet Imsk, with the ability to shrink himself to microscopic size.

    Micro Lad foolishly tried to take Shrinking Violet's place on the Legion of Super-Heroes and was rejected. Severely angered, he joined the Legion of Super-Rejects only to be defeated by the LOSH and sent back to Imsk.

    On Imsk, Lalo joined with an Imskian liberation movement who kidnapped Shrinking Violet and replaced her with a Durlan named Yera so that they could extract information from Violet's brain. Once Yera was discovered by the Legion, Micro Lad was once again defeated and this time imprisoned in a sens-tank.

    Micro Lad somehow escaped though, and joined the Legion of Super-Villains on many of their failed missions before being killed by his fellow Legionnaire Akka.

    Reboot: Earth-247

    It's Legion Membership Drive Time! Some Legionnaires go to Imsk to recruit a new member from their world. Three Imskians, including Shrinking Violet, compete for the Legion membership. In the course of the competition, another Imskian competitor, Ion is mysteriously killed. In the course of the Legion's investigation, they and Violet determine that the third competitor, Micro, is the killer.

    Violet and the Legionnaires expose Micro and his crime to the other Imskians, at which Micro attempts to escape by shrinking out of sight. But while this tactic works well enough against Phantom Girl and Spark, it's much less effective when you're on an entire planet full of beings who can do the exactsame thing, especially when one of them is the aforementioned Violet.

    Powers and Abilities

    Size Manipulation

    As with all natives of the planet of Imsk, Micro Lad has the ability to shrink to drastically smaller proportions. He can easily shrink all the way down to microscopic size, and can even achieve sub-atomic size when necessary. He employs his shrinking ability in a variety of effective ways, though the most common is that of stealth as it renders him very difficult to detect by enemies. For this reason she became a founding member of the Legion Espionage Squad.


    Marital Status: single

    Known Relatives: none

    Group affiliation: Heroes of Lallor

    Base Of Operations: 30th century

    Height: 6‘2” Weight: 200 lbs Age: In his twenties

    Eyes: Blue Hair: brown


    Micro Lad is a petite, fit, and muscular athletic man with red curly hair, and has green eyes. He wears a green costume that leaves his face and hands bare. His boots, wrists, torso, and trunk are black with yellow.


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