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    A team of government-sponsored heroes turned independent global peacekeeping force.

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    Initiated by General Wade Eiling, the Ultramarines were introduced as metahuman soldiers who would be loyal to the United States government. Four Marine Corps soldiers volunteered for the programme, and were genetically engineered to artificially introduce the metagene into their systems. Gaining fantastic powers, they formed an elite team to be deployed by Eiling, allegedly to protect American interests.


    The Ultramarine Corps was created by Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks. They made their first appearance in DC One Million #2, and their first full appearance in JLA #24.

    Team Evolution

    The team initially consisted of four members, Warmaker One, 4-D, Flow and Pulse 8, under the control of the American military. Later, the membership of the Global Guardians was folded into the Ultramarines when they went independent.

    Major Story Arcs

    Executive Action

    The team is mobilized by Eiling and sent against the JLA, against the wishes of the president. They easily entrap the heroes, and manage to incapacitate most of the team with the support of the military, causing massive collateral damage in the process. 4-D begins to question the wisdom of their orders, but believing their orders are from the president, the rest of the team insists on continuing the attack. They are confronted by Superman, who reveals that their artificial metagenes are slowly killing them, and that Eiling has been driven mad by a brain tumour and is attempting to take down the government. Realising Eiling's betrayal, the team joins forces with the JLA to defeat Eiling. After the fighting is over, the team joins forces with the Global Guardians and establish themselves as an independent global peacekeeping force.


    Members of the Ultramarines attempt to take down a terrorist incident orchestrated by Gorilla Grodd, who uses the distraction to take over their floating fortress, Superbia. The members of the team flee and regroup, only to find that Pulse 8 has been taken control of by a Sheeda spine-rider. The rest of the team falls to the Sheeda soon after, and are directed by them to act as weapons for Grodd and Neh-Buh-Loh. They fight the JLA and attack civilians before they are freed of the mind-control when Neh-Buh-Loh retreats. The team agrees to enter the infant universe Qwewq, and act as superheroes in a world without them. They successfully plant a flaw in Qwewq.


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