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    Former Marine and current member of the International Ultramarine Corps.

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    A member of the Marine Corps, Major Dan Stone was one of four soldiers who volunteered to take part in General Eiling's Ultramarine project. He was genetically engineered and implanted with an activated metagene which gave him his powers. Taking on the identity of Flow, he became a member of the UItramarine Corps.


    Flow was created by Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. He technically made his first appearance in DC One Million #2, but made his first full appearance in JLA #24.

    Major Story Arcs

    Executive Action

    Flow and his team are ordered by Eiling to carry out an attack on the JLA, ostensibly on the orders of the president. He join them in successfully incapacitating a number of heroes, personally nearly drowning the Flash. He is halted when Superman reveals that Flow and his team are dying because of Eiling's genetic manipulations, and that Eiling has betrayed them. Flow joins his team in allying with the JLA against Eiling, and following the general's defeat he helps found Superbia and joins the new Ultramarines, recreated as a global peacekeeping force.


    Acting as technical and communications interface on Superbia, Flow is captured by Gorilla Grodd and Neh-Buh-Loh when they take the city over. He is infected by a Sheeda spine-rider, and forced to help capture his teammates. He is then forced to act as a living weapon, fighting the JLA and attacking civilians. He is freed when Neh-Buh-Loh flees, and agrees to accompany his team into Qwewq to act as superheroes in the infant universe. His actions there are unknown, but his team successfully implants a flaw in Qwewq.

    Powers and Abilities

    Flow is a being composed entirely of sentient water. He has complete control of every molecule of his body, and in this form he is superhumanly strong and durable, and able to create gouts of pressurized water, shape-shift his form, and reconstitute himself after being destroyed. He can also hold individuals within his body, drowning them. As a soldier, he has received extensive training in armed and unarmed combat.


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