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    Originally funded by the U.N. and comprised of super-heroes from across the globe rather than the U.S. -centric Justice League, the Global Guardians represent true diversity on a rapidly shrinking planet.

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    The peak of world glory
    The peak of world glory

    The Global Guardians base their origin from a group known as the Dome or the Batmen of All Nations. It was founded in 1957 by many nations not including the United States or the U.S.S.R. Later the group evolved into the Global Guardians with members representing different countries Russia would eventually be added to this group as well and the United States would be represented by Native Americans whom more represented their tribes.

    Theoretically, every hero on Earth is a member of the Global Guardians. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman have all worked alongside the team in the past, but the group is made up of various international heroes. They also reside at the French estate known as The Dome, a harbor and home-base for all superhuman crime fighters from around the world.

    Their leader is the mysterious being known as Doctor Mist. More than 11,000 years ago, he stood in the rolling pillar of life, which endowed him with immortality and incredible power. He founded the ancient empire of Kor, with its 100 cities. Mist eventually abdicated and went to live in the mountain carved in his image on the east coast of Africa. Having misused his power at some stage in the past he tends to use it very sparingly now, preferring to call upon the world's heroes when emergencies that threaten the Earth arise.

    The Dome gets capped!
    The Dome gets capped!

    The Global Guardians had their foundation formulated around accessing trouble spots across the globe by being able to team up neighboring heroes unable to get quick assistance from other venues. They are similar to the Justice League who are also committed to fighting crime around the world, however unlike the League their lack of similar governmental policies due to land boundaries at times set them back. Many of the Guardians individually assisted other international heroes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and at one occasion teamed up with Infinity, Inc. to battle the new Injustice Gang.

    The Global Guardians would evidently lose their United Nations funding to the Justice League, and their base the Dome was ordered to close. This would be in part due to the political schemes of their long time enemy, Dr. Klaus Cornelius. Three of its members, Green Fury, Ice Maiden, and the Tasmanian Devil would join different versions of the Justice League.

    Fallen Guardians
    Fallen Guardians

    Soon after many members of the team were mechanically brainwashed by the ruthless Queen Bee of Bialya. She than directed to go into battle with the Justice League at their new embassy in Paris, France. The evil Fain Y'onia, an ancient foe of their former leader, Doctor Mist, caused the deaths of the serpent powered Bushmaster and sonic defender Thunderlord and also depowered others of the team. The rest of the surviving Guardians would gather forces and become a strong support to each other. Continuing to meet in the Dome's Headquarters, which was formerly located in Europe but was relocated to its current home in the Pacific.

    At sometime later some of the former Global Guardians decided to join with the newly formed Ultramarine Corps. Headed by Vixen this team would have former and current members of the Global Guardians hoping to regain their focus. The Greek Olympian, and the Little Mermaid from Denmark would be amongst the originals to join.


    This is the list of heroes by the country they represent from the Global Guardians and the Dome also known as the Batmen of All Nations.

    Power of diversity!
    Power of diversity!


    1. Gaucho


    1. Ranger
    2. Tasmanian Devil


    1. Fire


    1. Centrix
    The Power of Gloss
    The Power of Gloss


    1. Gloss


    1. Little Mermaid


    1. Godiva
    2. Knight
    3. Squire


    1. Belphegor
    2. Chrysalis
    3. Crimson Fox III
    4. Fleur-de-lis
    5. Musketeer
    6. Templar Knight


    1. Wild Huntsman
    Huntsman Hunt
    Huntsman Hunt


    1. Manticore IV
    2. Olympian


    1. Cascade


    1. Jack O'Lantern


    1. Seraph


    1. Legionary
    A Jet of Fire
    A Jet of Fire


    1. Jet


    1. Rising Sun


    1. Doctor Mist

    New Zealand

    1. Tuatara


    1. Icemaiden
    2. Ice


    1. Red Star
    2. Tundra
    A Wounded Beast
    A Wounded Beast

    South Africa

    1. Freedom Beast
    2. Impala


    1. Wingman


    1. Sandstorm


    1. Thunderlord

    United States

    1. Little Ravens (Sioux Nation)
    2. Man of Bats (Sioux Nation)
    3. Owl Woman (Cherokee Nation)


    1. Bush Master


    Justice League Europe

    Infinity, Inc.

    Green Lantern

    Justice League Quarterly



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