Location » Superbia appears in 8 issues.

    Floating City-State that served as the headquarters of the International Ultramarine Corps

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    After the Ultramarine Corps rebelled against General Wade Eiling, they joined forces with the Global Guardians. When Vandal Savage destroyed much of Montevideo, Uruguay, the International Ultramarine Corps set up their headquarters in the floating city of Superbia over the wreckage of the city. They claimed to be independent of any nation and worked to protect those now homeless.

    Superbia was later attacked by Gorilla Grodd and the Nebula Man. Though the villains were ultimately defeated, they damaged the city and sent it crashing into the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    It has since been rebuilt and was used as Watchtower 5 during Final Crisis. It was attacked by Darkseid's forces and crashed again.


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