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    A powerfully built Greek man who wields the Golden Fleece, which grants him with various superhuman powers connected to the heroes of the original Argonauts such as the strength of Hercules.

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    Aristedes Demetrios was a rebellious punk from Leiváda, Greece who was jailed several times for petty crimes. Discovering and stealing the legendary Golden Fleece from a crate in the warehouse he was working in, Demetrios was possessed by the powers and personalities of Jason and his fifty Argonauts, the heroes of Greek mythology who had originally captured the Golden Fleece. He has aided Wonder Woman in fighting Colonel Conquest in Greece, where a bomb was hidden. He later helped to stop mystical artifacts from being gathered to bring back the villain, Thaumar Dhai. The Olympian runs into Eichidne, his arch nemesis who's working to resurrect Thaumar Dhai, during which The Olympian joined forces with Superman and some of the Guardians into defeating him. The Olympian has also met Fury of Infinity Inc. Aristedes became the heroic Olympian, joining Doctor Mist's international team, the Global Guardians.


    The Olympian was created by writer, Nelson Bridwell and artist, Alex Saviuk. He made his first appearance in Super Friends #9 (December 1977) and re-appeared in DC Comics Presents #46 on June 1982.

    Major Story Arcs

    Global Guardians

    The Olympian was appointed to protect the country, Paris during the Appellexian invasion of Earth, which was said to be one of the largest series of battle during the entire war against alien invaders. He became a founding member of the Global Guardians.

    Olympian protests when the original 'Ice Maiden', leaves the Global Guardians because of her feeling's of inadequacy. Later on, he learned that his fellow Guardians are being supported by the Queen Bee, a Bialyan dictator, he soon joined up. An unwitting participant in a public relations ploy, the Olympian helps his teammates and the Justice League Europe battle a giant robotic killer, which was created and sent by Queen Bee, using technology stolen from a member of the alien race, Dominators. The Olympian, along with Godiva helps save nearby supporters form being crushed by a terrorizing robot. Eventually, the heroes defeat the robot and end the war.

    Captured and hypnotized by the evil Queen Bee, Aristedes could no longer control the spirits of the Argonauts - each of them vied for control of his body. As a result, the Olympian now suffers from extreme multiple personality disorder. After Queen Bee passes away, her successor diagnoses Olympian with schizophrenia and arrests him. He later reunites with the other Global Guardians and has remained a loyal member since.

    Fain Y'onia

    While in a romantic relationship with Godiva, roaming around London, they are interrupted when an ancient villain named Fain Y'onia attacks, leaving them both injured and Godiva de-powered. This was not the first de-powered Guardian as Fain also drained the powers of others, killing Bushmaster in the midst of it all as well. The Olympian re-groups with some members of the Global Guardians and ambushes Fain in the Arizona Desert. During the battle, Tuatara is injured and Thunderlord is slain. Both Fain Y'onia and the Wild Huntsman vanish from reality. The Olympian is the one who theorizes that the Huntsman's final purpose was to do exactly what just happened and both will one day return.

    Later Adventures

    The Olympian is later seen as a member of the Ultramarine Corps. During his time with the group he falls under the mental control of Gorilla Grodd. The Olympian nearly kills Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. Grodd is defeated and most of the Corps travel to another universe. He later appears in Infinite Crisis #4, where he's depicted of being part of a group of mystically-aligned beings who make a failed attempt to gain the aid of the Spectre. He is briefly seen in #6, working with many other people, from the military to other heroes, including Owl Woman as they fight a holding battle to protect the city of Metropolis from the Secret Society of Super Villains. The Olympian returns in Wonder Girl #4 as the guardian of Cassandra Sandsmark and her mother Helena, a position appointed to him by Zeus. During this storyline, it is revealed that he and Helena have romantic feelings for one another.

    Powers & Abilities

    While in the possession of the Golden Fleece, the Olympian can use any of the powers and natural abilities connected to any of the fifty original Argonauts. These abilities include:

    Superhuman Strength (Hercules)

    The wearer possesses incredible physical strength, being able to lift at least 100 tons on a normal scale and could effortlessly break through heavy material and manipulate heavy objects.

    Superhuman Speed (Atalanta)

    Capable of reaching incredible speeds, running up to Mach 10, the wearer also has superhuman senses such as agility and reflexes.

    Enhanced Vision (Lynceus)

    Ability to view the entire electromagnetic spectrum as well as allowing vast control over selective perception and focus such as telescopic, microscopic, infrared, and X-Ray visions.

    Enhanced Intellect (Admetus)

    This ability provides him heightened superhuman comprehensive knowledge of all aspects including mathematics.

    Flight (Calais)

    Ability to soar into the skies through an act of sheer will and could hover completely still or effortlessly achieve sub-orbital levels. With his agility combined, he could travel across planet in blinding speed.

    Telepathic Immunity (Peleus)

    Able to see through illusions, and has a greater resistance than most to mind-control. He has no particualar resistance, however, he is more susceptible to pheromone-based mind control.

    Other Powers

    Self-Sustenance (Hylas)

    Teleportation (Zetes)

    Shape-Shifting (Poriclymenus)

    Invulnerability (Kaineus)

    Healing Factor (Meleager)

    Poison Immunity (Staphylus)

    Longevity (Euryalus)


    Hand to Hand Combat

    • Boxing (Pollux)

    • Wrestling (Castor)

    Leadership (Jason)

    Expert Tactician (Theseus)

    Master Craftsman (Argos)

    Master Archer (Philoctetes)

    Courage (Archilles)

    Multilingualism (Nestor)

    Experienced Musician (Orpheus & Amphion)

    Communication with Birds (Ascalaphus)

    The remaining Argonauts gave him a wide range of skills with virtually every weaponry of ancient Greece. Those heroes follow:

    • Tiphys
    • Erginus
    • Menoetius
    • Laertes
    • Bellerophon
    • Iolaus
    • Butes
    • Augeas
    • Euphemus
    • Aethalides
    • Idmon
    • Mopsos
    • Autolycus
    • Iphiclus
    • Acastus
    • Cytissorus
    • Echion
    • Ancaeus the Lesser
    • Laocoon
    • Oileus
    • Palaemon
    • Palaimonius
    • Phrontis
    • Polyphemos
    • Talaus
    • Telamon
    • Ampliaraus
    • Eurytus
    • Phanus
    • Peneleos
    • Leitus
    • Ialmenus


    Prolonged use of the Golden Fleece has has an adverse affect on the Olympians psyche. Through it, he has become influenced by personalities of ancient warriors and has inherited their braggadocio.

    Other Versions

    Issue #16 of the "Trinity" maxi-series features the Olympian in an altered and unstable reality. He is working with the recon team trying to penetrate a wall of energy surrounding Europe. The Olympian and the 'bloodlines' hero, Lionheart perish upon contact with the wall.

    The Olympian also appears in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold #7 where he's depicted of helping Batman defeat Circe.


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