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General Grievous was originally a Kaleesh warlord named Qymaen jai Sheelal. Grievous was born during the Huk War where the insectoid Huk's were trying to conquer the reptilian Kaleesh for slave labor. Grievous' father decided to focus his sons rage by teaching him to use a slug throwing rifle. Grievous at eight years old had forty kills under his belt and by twenty-two he had so many kills he was considered a demigod by his people.

Once he had matured Grievous had a prophetic dream where he hunted and killed a dangerous beast using a sword. This dream had such an effect that Grievous went into the forest to enact the dream. Once he found the creature he encountered a Kaleesh woman who had already slain the beast. This woman, Ronderu lij Kummar, would become Grievous partner and his treasured love.

The pair became known as living incarnations of a Kaleesh story. Both would form a strong bound and teach each other their fighting techniques. This was the first time Grievous learned to use a sword. Their battles an accumulated kills during the Huk war would have both recognized has demigods and saviors of their people.

During one encounter Ronderu and Grievous were separated and she fell to the Huk's barbed spears. She would meet her end in a watery grave. Grievous was sent into a long spiraling depression. He pleaded with his gods to just see her one more time, though his prayers were never answered. Grievous would take his anger out on the invaders. He went on to expel every Huk from his planet as well as taking several wives and having thirty children though nothing would snap him out of his depression. This his when Grievous left behind his birth name Qymaen jai Sheelal and became General Grievous.


Grievous was created by George Lucas for his last Star Wars live action film Revenge of the Sith as a powerful new villain on the side of the Separatists

Major Story Arcs

Beginning of the Cyborg

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Once Grievous started to eliminate the Huk worlds in revenge for his partners death the Huk's turned to the Galactic Republic for aid. Once the Republic was on the Huk's side the Kaleesh would face economic hardship from embargo's, Republic sanctions, and hefty fines. Hundreds of thousands of Kaleesh died during this time of poverty. San Hill of the Intergalatic Banking Clan saw an amazing opportunity. He proposed that he could alleviate some of Kaleeshes debts and Grievous would work for him as an enforcer of the Banking Clan. Grievous did not want to work as a thug for the Banking Clan though he longed for battle and wanted to help his people so he agreed. Grievous was not allowed to bring his Kaleesh elite and was given command of the Banking Clan's Battle Droids.

Grievous was appalled with their performance and demanded smarter droids. Count Dooku commissioned the IG-100 Battle droids and had them programmed them with the skills of 100 swordsman. Grievous again was appalled at their skills and had them programmed according to his own movements and skills. The Banking Clan kept their promise and took over the debt of the Kaleesh and Grievous became an efficient enforcer.

Through his actions The Banking Clan seized overdue payments on Ord Mantell and received Phult Designing Systems as a subsidiary. Soon Grievous heard of the Huk desecrating a Kaleesh ceremonial ground and the Republic's inaction against this atrocity. Grievous returned to his Kaleesh warriors and abandoned his contract with the Banking Clan to take up arms against the Huk. San Hill was disappointed in this and even considered assassinating the Kaleesh warlord though he feared his reprisal if he survived the attempt. San Hill conspired with Poggle the Lesser of Geonosis, Count Dooku, and Darth Sidious to force Grievous into a permanent servant. Grievous and his elites boarded a ship named Martyr and headed for the Huk homeworld.

Unknown to the group the Separatists had placed an ion bomb on board. The bomb went off destroying the ship and killing the Kaleesh elites though Grievous' pod was rigged to allow him to escape. The hit into the water did a great deal of damage to Grievous' body and Dooku had to use the force to keep him from going to cardiac arrest. Dooku then used the Force to blame the Republic for the bombing and put this thought into Grievous' mind.

His body was destroyed and the Seperatists told him he would never recover properly. Grievous once again proved his strength and appeared to prove them wrong though San Hill had the medical droids actually cause more injuries to prove their point. San Hill and Dooku offered to rebuild the Kaleesh if he would renew his contract with the Separatist army. Desiring vengeance Grievous agreed on the condition that his mind would not be tampered with.

The Banking Clan and Geonosian scientists composed a duranium body in the same design as the Krath War Droid complete with LX-44 robotic legs and Dooku used the blood of a frozen jedi, Master Sifo-Dyas to fuel the process. Unknown to Grievous the scientists did tamper with his mind by removing certain harmful memories and increasing his rage factors and altering his eyes to have extended vision and make them work on the vacuum of space. They also increased his equilibrium to allow him to use his new body. After the procedure Grievous wanted to see if he had become force sensitive thanks to Sifo-Dyas' blood though this wasn't the case. San Hill presented Grievous to Dooku who was taken aback by the final result. Dooku proclaimed him the General of the Droid Armies and presented him with his first lightsaber, the blade of Sifo-Dyas.

Grievous then proceeded to slaughter his IG-100 droids and declare that he was not a droid in protest. General Grievous was born in full. The basis for his transformation would be used on Darth Vader and his armor after his due with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Grievous would initially see Palpatine and Dooku as only necessary political leadership and became particularly angry at Nute Guneray and openly questioned his leadership.

Clone Wars Begin

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Grievious' first known action during the Clone Wars was in the middle of the battle of Geonosis where he was released into the catacombs to guard VIP members of the Separatists from Jed and Clone trooper squads. The general left none alive to tell of him and greatly impressed Dooku who began to teach him the seven styles of Lightsaber combat. Grievous learned quickly and became the single best fighter under Dooku's command though he still viewed him below his other protege Ser'vance Tann, a Chiss Dark jedi and an expert military strategist.

Grievous would not come into his own until Tann was killed one month later. Grievous would make his first public appearance during the battle of Hypori. Leading a large detachment against a Republic task force Grievous decimated most of the forces. Grievous personally killed Jedi master Daakman Barrek while he was communicating with Master Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The remaining Jedi took refuge in a shot down Acclamator Star Destroyer. When the B2 Battle Droids surround the craft Grievous ordered them to stand down and offered the Jedi a warriors death. Tarr Serr, Sha'a Gi, Aayla Secura, K'Krunk, Shaak Ti, and Ki Adi Mundi prepared themselves for a fight. Gi, being a padawan, rushed into the battle and when he left the ship was crushed to death my Grievous who then began to hide in the shadows atop the down ship. Grievous then descended the wreckage and engaged the Jedi in a duel using two lightsabers. He then sliced K'Krunk and left him in a death-like state.

Grievous used his mechanical feet to grab Tarr Serr and broke his neck, after grabbing Aalya as well he flung them into the wreckage. Grievous was then able to focus on the masters. Grievous was able to separate them and knocked out Shaak Ti by pushing her into rubble. Master Mundi then tried to retrieve his lightsaber though Grievous garb it with his foot and used that along with the two he was already holding. Mundi them used the Force to grab one of the lightsabers on Grievous' belt and once again engaged the General in a duel. Mundi, Shakk Ti, and Aayla were saved only by the timely arrival of the ARC Troopers lead by Captain Fordo and their Republic Gunship which held off Grievous long enough for them to escape though they failed to even damage Grievous. Six months into the Clone Wars Dooku needed to find a commander for the entire Droid Army. His three possible candidates were General Grievous, Durge, and Assajj Ventress.

Dooku pitted the bounty hunter and dark Jedi against Grievous. Grievous was able to slice Durge in half and almost choked Ventress to death. Grievous was then promoted to commander of the entire army and Dooku then placed Durge and Ventress into battle tanks since he didn't want to lose his most skilled agents. Grievous became the premier Jedi killer in the ranks of the Separatists, and was even nicknamed the "Knight Slayer".

The Malevolence

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Grievous as Supreme Commander took the Malevolence as his personal flagship. This warship possessed twin ion cannons that made it capable of fighting entire fleets of ships by itself. Under Grievous' command the Malevolence went on to surprise a number of Republic fleets and left no survivors.

After a few successful raids Grievous stationed himself in the Abergo system with Count Dooku where Plo Koon's fleet attacked to destroy the Separatist ship. Grievous has the Malevolence fire its ion cannons causing the ships to lose their deflector shields and the ships were them mowed down by turbolaser fire. Plo Koon and some clones were able to escape within the escape pods though this didn't mean they were same.

Dooku dispatched a "Pod Hunter" droid which went around and destroyed some to the escape pods. Luckily for Master Plo Koon, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano rescued his pod though since the destroyed the pod hunter it alerted Grievous and Dooku to their presence. They were able to escape the ion cannons by jumping into hyperspace and Dooku deemed their mission a failure since the Republic would soon learn of the Malevolence. His trust in Grievous' ability was shaken somewhat. Grievous then used the ship to ambush a Republic medical fleet destroying everything including the escape pods. Dooku then contacted General Grievous with a new target for the ship.

The Kaliida Nebula was the home to a secret Republic medical facility that had at least 60,000 wounded clone troopers and Jedi. Grievous then had to plot an elaborate route around an asteroid field to get within firing distance of the facility. Once the Republic learned of this attack they dispatched Anakin Skywalker who flew with Shadow Squadron using Y-wing Fighters. Grievous was able to destroyer most of the squadron with his ion cannons though Anakin was able to damage the cannons enough that they had caused a chain reaction inside the ship and disabled most of the weapon systems. Grievous then tried to retreat though his escape route was blocked by three star destroyers commanded by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Luckily for the General, Senator Amidala appear in here shuttle and was taken aboard the Malevolence as a hostage. Amidala would go on to overload the engines of her ship an use the distraction and as an attempt on Grievous' life. Amidala was able to get a message to the outside Republic forces.

Battle of Bothawui

Grievous' next target was the planet Bothawui, which serves as the intelligence center for the Republic. Once the Jedi Council caught wind of the attack they dispatched Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Ahsoka Tano with some newly built Venator Class Star Destroyers. Grievous was able to attack the fleet three times in the hyperspace lanes before the reached Bothawui. Grievous took some to to accumulate more ships for his strike and then overwhelmed the defenses for Falleen adding the planet to the Separatists control. Grievous then surprised Anakin's fleet inside an asteroid field thought three AT-TE Wakers were placed on asteroids and were able to fire on the Seperatists ships backsides, forcing Grievous to retreat in his personal fighter. Anakin gave chase in his Delta-7 Starfighter.

Though due to some asteroids damaging his fighter was unable to catch the general who fled into Hyperspace. Grievous the received word from a Trandoshan dealer named Gha Nachket about a Republic droid that fell into his possession. This droid, named R2-D2, had information about the Republic that could give Grievous an edge in the fight so he agreed to buy the droid. While Grievous went to purchase his droid his spy droid R3-S6 was assigned to stalk Skywalker and activated his homing beacon allowing the General to know Anakin's location. He took two frigates and surprised Anankin's fighter in an attempt to capture him, though Ahsoka arrived to save her master by piloting the freighter Twilight.

After losing the Jedi Grievous retreated to a listening outpost over Ruusan to arrange for R2-D2 to be brought to him. Grievous was able to get the droid for free since me killed the Trandoshan when he tried to up the price of the droid. Grievous then got word of a squad of clones who had penetrated the listening outpost. He went to destroy them though ended up dueling Ahsoka Tano after killing all but two of the troopers. Tano was able to lead Grievous on a game of cat and mouse until Grievous grabbed her by the throat. After the surviving troopers detonated explosives Tano was able to escape in the confusion, reclaiming her lightsaber from the General.

The explosions came from the outposts repulsor lift system which sent the skystation plummeting to the ground. Grievous was able to escape in his personal starfighter though. Palpatine then gave Grievous some Republic codes that allowed him to capture the planet Jan. Fathal, restoring his reputation. Grievous was also able to conquer Nexus Ortai by forcing the Republic out though his invasion of Kolthier was repelled.

Battle in his own home

Due to his varied results in battles Dooku decided to test the General again to see if he was worthy of leading the armies. Grievous was tasked with attacking the clone production facilities on Kamino to hault the Republics reinforcements. To prevent the Republic from fortifying the planet Grievous stealthy used BX-Commando Droids to eliminate all outposts in the sectors and keep their signals to all clear. Grievous sent Asajj Ventress to oversee the operation. Once his fleet was moving in on Kamino Grievous learned the droids that took over the moon above Kamino were not responding.

Grievous sent another squad of droids to fix the problem though a squad of Clone Troopers destroyed the outpost and alerted the Republic to the attack. The Separatists were quickly outgunned and forced to retreat. The Republic then issued a "Dead or Alive" warrant for General Grievous. After this failure Grievous returned to his home castle on the planet Vassek. This is where he stored the trophies, his pet Gor and his personal medical droid. When Grievous return home though he found his personal IG-100 bodyguards destroyed. Grievous soon encountered Jedi Kit Fisto and his former padawan Nahdar Vebb with a squad of Clone Troopers. The jedi were able to cut off Grievous' legs when the clone troopers held him down with grappling hooks.

Grievous was forced to escape then Jedi through a blast door though he was able to kill several troopers on his way even using one as an impromptu melee weapon. Grievous then sealed his castle and had his IG-100 Magna guards at the exits. He then dropped a clone trooper into an incinerator pit. and conferred with the Jedi via hologram. After Kit Fisto destroyed the hologram, Grievous released his pet to"entertain the guests". After that Grievous left to fix his body.

Once he checked on Gor's progress he found his pet killed by the Jedi which angered him greatly. Grievous then learned it was Dooku who lead the Jedi to his castle as a test for the general. Grievous stated that he would "play the Count's little game," and resolved to hunt down the Jedi for sport. When Grievous next confronted the Jedi he was able to kill Vebb by locking lightsabers with him and blasting him in the stomach with his free hand. Grievous then followed Kit Fisto to the upper platforms and engaged the Jedi master in a duel. Fisto used the fog to his advantage and hid from the general. The duel ended with Fisto using double blades to subdue the general though he was soon overpowered by the IG-100 droids. Fisto was able to escape since his droid R7 had brought his Delta-7 starfighter. Kit Fisto was the first Jedi to survive an encounter with Grievous while he was using all four of his arms.

Third Battle of Kamino

Grievous' next campaign was against the very production center of the Republic's reinforcements, Kamino. Grievous combined his forces with that of Asajj Ventress again. Obi-wan and Anakin intercepted codes and got wind of the attack though they could not prevent Grievous and his fleet from getting to Kamino. When the Confederate fleet broke the Republic blockade, Grievous then used his own transport ships as shields against the turbolaser fire. Obi-Wan knew that Grievous would not sacrifice these ships without reason, so he investigated the wreckage and Grievous sued the downed ships to deploy aquatic battle droids onto Kamino. With that the assault on Tipoca City started.

Grievous and Ventress' squads would decimate an ARC Trooper squad and then go their separate ways. Ventress would go on to try and steal a sample of the cloning process while Grievous would assault the barracks. Grievous and his troops were ambushed by some clone cadets commanded by Captain Rex and Commander Cody who held them off long enough for Obi-Wan to arrive and duel General Grievous. Grievous was successful in disarming Obi-Wan and tried to crush him on his foot while mocking the Jedi and his clones. After Kenobi forced pushed Grievous off of him, Grievous was forced to retreat to a landing platform where he could duel more easily.

Once the fight started again, a Confederate landing craft crashed and knocked Obi-Wan into the water below. With his opponent seemingly gone Grievous enter a landing ship and moved on, picking Ventress up on the way. later Grievous commanded an assault over the planet Felucia and with sheer numbers forced the Republic off the planet and gained it for the Separatists. Grievous also attacked the planet Dorin as a distraction for Geonosis, where several underground droid factories. Ventress then called Grievous to inform him of an impending attack from a Republic fleet commanded by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Grievous was confident he could hold off the Jedi though he was unable to do so and Dorin was reinforced against further attacks. After this Grievous ambushed a Venator-class Star Destroyer commanded by Eeth Koth of the jedi council.

Koth had his troops abandon the ship while he faced Grievous and his Magnaguards on the bridge. Koth was able to defeat his commando droids and faced Grievous though was captured and tortured in a Holo message to the Jedi council. During a daring raid to rescue Eeth Koth, Adi Gallia and Skywalker boarded Grievous' ship to rescue the Jedi master while Grievous boarded the Republic ship to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi. During their duel Grievous revealed he knew about the rescue attempt. When Adi and Anakin found Eeth Koth they were ambushed by commando droids thought this failed. With his plan failing Grievous retreated to his own ship and ordered it to engage the Republic cruiser hoping to destroy it after he retreated thus killing Kenobi and trapping Adi Gallia and Anakin Skywalker on the Confederate ship.

This again did not work since Adi was able to save Obi-Wan while Anakin evacuated Eeth Koth. Grievous was forced to use a landing craft and take it to the planet below, Saleucami. Obi-Wan followed with a squad of Clone Troopers and once again dueled Grievous though he was able to get away, irritating Obi-Wan

War Time Crimes

Grievous went on to become the most successful general on the CIS' side. One notable diplomatic victory was when he convinced the Togorians to defect from the Republic and ambush their Republic protectors. Grievous dueled the Republic general Waldan Bridger and defeated him easily. Grievous though did suffer some setbacks as well. When he tried to invade the city of Nadiem he was defeated when Padawan Barriss Offee played dead to get behind enemy lines and detonated high explosives that collapsed a stone wall to destroy most of the invading droids.

Master Saesee Tiin commanded a blockade that prevented reinforcements and Grievous was forced to flee the battle though he wounded Jedi Master B'dard Tone and killed his padawan adding to his Jedi kill count. Grievous would then put into motion "Operation Durge's Lance" which had the goal of taking over the Republic core worlds. Many planets would fall including Duro, whose surrender was made public over the Holo-Net. Grievous would also orbital bombard the planet Humbarine, one of the founding members of the Republic, forcing its surrender as well.

Grievous was despicable act was releasing the Brain Plague on Loedorvia which killed every human, Duro, Near human, Falleen, and most other species. This act earned him the fear of almost every being in the Republic. Grievous was able to capture Ambassador Quiyyen during this campaign and killed the pursuing Jedi T'chooka D'oon and Jmmaar though the manage to get the ambassador to awaiting transports rescuing him. T'chooka's padawan Flynn Kybo was angered by his masters death and was desperate for revenge against the General. He gathered a group of jedi on a mission of vengeance. During this unauthorized mission Grievous captured a Mon Calamari ship and killed its Jedi protector Quarmall as well as capturing several Jedi younglings.

Grievous hope to turn them into cyborg being similar to himself as an elite fighting unit. Flynn Kybo used a number of probe droids to locate Grievous on Belsus. Grievous destroyed the droids with ease and chased the padawans until he was forced to duel the Jedi B'dard and Flynn. He was able to kill both though Flynn cut a gas line an an attempt to kill Grievous which prevented him form re securing the younglings he was holding hostage. Grievous would later lobby for increased use of biological warfare against the Republic using the battles of Honoghr and Loedorvia as examples. Several months later, on Bozy Pity Grievous commanded a droid army in opposition to Jedi-led Republic forces that had arrived there.

The cyborg general dueled Jedi Master Soon Bayts, surprising the Jedi and crushing his head in his claws before Bayts had time to raise his lightsaber. Grievous then took his lightsaber, using it to combat the clone troopers. Stunned at this, Jedi Master Adi Gallia engaged Grievous in combat. However, even she was no match for the droid general. Grievous used his extra arms to surprise Gallia, stabbing her through the chest with two lightsabers. Jedi Master Mace Windu arrived at this moment, and, using the Force, smashed a battle droid STAP on top of him. Grievous was knocked unconscious but was later rescued by his bodyguards, who took him to escape the planet with Count Dooku.

Internal Struggles

During the battle of Xagobah, Grievous was called to protect Wat Tambor, who was being hunted by a skilled bounty hunter. The bounty hunter was actually Boba Fett on his first mission. He was trying to collect the bounty that Jabba the Hutt placed on Tambor's head during the confusion of the battle. Boba was able to penetrate the fortress and attacked Tambor in his private room. Wat Tambor was able to hold off Boba long enough for Grievous to start hunting the young bounty hunter throughout the fortress. Fett used a holoshroud to appear as Durge though this didn't fool Grievous who knew Durge was deployed elsewhere. He was close to killing Boba Fett and only failed when he faked his death. Grievous was then forced to retreat with Wat Tambor and Asajj Vebtress when Clone Troopers proceeded to storm the fortress.

While Grievous was on relatively good terms with Tambor he was on incredibly bad one with Nute Gunray. Gunray had casued a lot of headaches for the General when he forced him to go back to Cato Neimoidia to retrieve some of his valuables. This let the Republic find the Confederate meeting place and Grievous was forced to save Gunray from being capture by clone pilots. Later on the Republic found Gunray's mechano-chair and learned of the CIS' plan to invade Belderone. Grievous led the CIS Fleet into a republic ambush. The battle forced Grievous to flee though he did kill 27 more jedi. Grievous soon learned it was Gunrays fault and did everything but physically harm the Trade Federation's leader. His hatred of Gunray was shared with Palpatine.


Grievous was on the run after Gunray failed to keep vital information from the Republic's hands. Palpatine then proposed a bold move to disable the entire Republic. Grievous and Dooku would lead an assault on Coruscant and kidnap the Supreme Chancellor, who was Palpatine anyway. Grievous was on Kashyyyk at the time planning the early stages on that assault when he was called away. Grievous used a secret trade route given to him by Palaptine and the battle was underway. Grievous used suicide Vulture droids to attack civilian targets to keep the Republic's forces split between damage control and fighting off the invasion. Grievous himself would stalk the Chancellor among the floor of Coruscant. Grievous found a force sensitive clone trooper named X2 and fought him in a duel though neither could best the other.

Grievous would go on to chase the Supreme Chancellor through his own secret tunnel network while he was being guarded by Jedi Master Shaak Ti was in charge if keeping Palpatine safe. While she was dueling a large number of Magnaguards, Grievous cut through 4 Jedi to get to Palpatine and then dueled and defeated Shaak Ti, leaving her alive to spread fear. When Grievous was loading the Supreme Chancellor onto his transport he was confronted by Mace Windu. Instead of dueling the general mace force crushed his chest plate injuring his lungs and overall weakening the general for the rest of his life. Once aboard his flagship, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker arrived to the battle with fresh reinforcements and engaged in a dramatic space battle over Coruscant. After the infiltrated the Invisible Hand, where Anakin killed Dooku and they rescued the Chancellor though were caught in a ray shield trap and brought before General Grievous.

After feigning weakness the two Jedi recovered the lightsabers and dueled the Magnaguards aboard the bridge. Grievous then used an electro-satff to break the ships window and let himself be sucked into the vacuum to escape. Getting into one of the escape pods from the outside in, Grievous escaped to another CIS ship and ordered the retreat. The fleet made its way to Utapau. Grievous' movements were being tracked however by the Null-Class ARC troopers and relayed this information to the Republic. With Count Dooku's death Greivous was made the public Head of State for the entire CIS. He was ordered by Palpatine to evacuate the heads of the CIS to Mustafar while Grievous waited on Utapau for Obi-Wan Kenobi's impending attack which was warned by Palpatine.

Death and Legacy

General Kenobi decided to go on before his main forces and dueled the General among the battle droids. Grievous started the fight using his four arms since he has dueled the Jedi before and tried to overwhelm him. Kenobi's mastery of soresu allowed him to block all of Grievous' strikes and slice off two of his hands and then Commander Cody's troops arrived starting a huge battle on Utapau's surface.

Grievous opted to retreat on his personal wheel bike though Kenobi pursued him on his steed Boga. After a prolonged chase through the canyons both Grievous and Kenobi landed on his personal platform where Grievous' starfighter was waiting. The battle was reduced to hand to hand combat with Grievous' droid body giving him the advantage since Kenobi lost his lightsaber during the chase. Kenobi was able to rip open Grievous' chest plate and reveal his gut sack of organs which anger the General who tossed Kenobi aside and almost launched him off the platform. Greivous lost most of his weapons so he grabbed an Electro-staff to finish him off. Kenobi though used the force to grab Grievous' own blaster and took aim for his chest.

After blasting the organ sack Grievous convulsed since his remained biological components incinerated and he fell over dead. Greivous would go on to enter his species pantheon of Gods and have a temple modeled after him in his honor. On a galactic note, Grievous would go on to be remembered as one of the most feared beings in the Galaxy.

N-K Necrosis

During the Galactic Civil war when the Empire was waring with the Rebel Alliance, Nycolai Kinesworty was employed by the Empire to construct advanced combat droids for their use. Kinesworthy was studying death and its functions which allowed him to create a complex droid brain. The doctor then dubbed the project N-K in reference his own name. Kinesworth then recruited a scientist names Trun Lorn who helped move the project along when they were transferred to Kashyyyk. After presenting the project to the local Imperial overseer, they were allowed to host the project inside the Myydril Caverns on Kashyyyk. Lorn hired the assassin droid IG-72 to capture 2 outdated IG-200 Magnaguards which were reprogrammed to act as

N-K Necrosis
N-K Necrosis

bodyguards for the project. The Imperial Overseer took the scientists to Utapau and offered the body of General Grievous as a starting point for the project. The body was later integrated with the experimental droid brain. This reanimated the body into an advanced combat droid named N-K Necrosis. Grievous' mind was mostly wiped so the Magnaguards had to teach the same techniques that Grievous taught them over 20 years ago.

Grievous chose a double bladed lightsaber has his primary weapon, this particular lightsaber was actually owned by Darth Zannnah, the apprentice to Darth Bane who instilled the Rule of Two into the Sith Order. Like Grievous before him N-K Necrosis would use a BlasTech blaster pistol as well and an Utapaun Nightblade. N-K would also discover his original starfighter Souless One in the hanger. At some point after the Battle of Yavin, Lorn kidnapped N-K Necrosis and the Magnaguards for his own personal use and stored them deep within the Myyydril Caverns.

A group of spacers, at the behest of Kinesworthy, investigated the caverns where they discovered an old B1 Battle droid. The droid told the spacers about a seemingly ordinary crystal that would bring N-K Necrossi to life and asked them to retrieve it. The spacers did, but were confronted by Lorn and the Magnaguards who forced them to relinquish the crystal. After reviving N-K, Lorn had the droids attack the spacers though they destroyed the droids and looted them for parts and stole the Souless One. Many of N-K Necrosis parts ended up on the black market. His mask was purchased by an Imperial Governor who believed it to be a Kaleesh work of art.

Powers and Abilities

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General Grievous after his transformation was probably the greatest Jedi killer the Separatist had on their side. His mechanical body offered him increases in strength, speed, durability, sense of sight, and balance. His droid like body made most people underestimate him since they didn't know about his tactically brilliant mind.

After his training from Dooku, Grievous had working knowledge of every form of lightsaber combat as well as his personal unorthodox style that took advantage of his maneuverability and strength. Grievous had dexterity enough to drop lightsabers and catch them with his feet of other arms for surprise attacks from nearly any angle due to his mechanical movement capabilities. Grievous had four arms that were initially kept as two to hide that advantage.

If Grievous fought a particularity powerful adversary he would separate his arms and use four lightsabers for added attack value. Grievous was also a noted pilot who even gave Anakin a run for his money. Grievous' weakness was the sack inside his chest that held what was left of his organs

Other Media


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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - Grievous' first theatrical appearance which focuses on the end of the Clone Wars. Grievous is notable for trapping Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the beginning after their duel with Count Dooku. Grievous' duel on Utapau is the last we see of him, being defeated by Obi-Wan.

TV Series

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Clone Wars 2003 Series - This was General Grievous' first ever appearance in Star Wars Legends. A handful of episodes deal with his hunt for Jedi and the final episode has him kidnapping Palpatine setting the stage for the movie.

Clone Wars 2008 Series - The CGI series shows Grievous as a main antagonist.

Video Games

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Star Wars Battlefront II (2005) - Grievous appears as one of the "hero" units for the CIS.

Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron - Grievous appears as one of the "hero" units for the CIS.

Star Wars: Republic Commando - Grievous' ship Souless One can be observed leaving during the battle of Geonosis and Grievous himself can be briefly seen during the last level on Kashyyyk briefly.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels - Grievous can be unlocked by completing story mode

Star Wars Galaxies - Taking place during the Galactic Civil War, Grievous' body was used in the N-K Necrosis project.

Lego Star Wars - Grievous appears as a boss and can be unlocked as a playable character in free play mode.

Star Wars Episode III: The Video Game - Grievous serves as one of the first bosses in the video game, as well as a playable character in the multiplayer mode.

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) - By October 2018, General Grievous will serve as a playable hero for the dark side.


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